With the growing purchasing power of a regular Indian customer, dining out has become a common activity for all. While on one hand the overall experience of dining out revolves around it being convenient for people, one thing that is most inconvenient about dining out is booking the table. It takes lot of efforts and equivalent proportion of patience to make calls to the restaurants of your choice in order to find which is the best for you. One startup that has studied this pain point very well and is working towards resolving it is Clicktable.

Clicktable is a provider for real-time online table reservations for diners and reservation & guest management solutions for restaurants. Clicktable app provides you a pleasant experience in discovering the best restaurants in your city. It facilitates smart dining by providing hassle-free reservations, best events & offers and ratings & reviews. It is an intuitive, cloud based application that helps you explore best cuisines and best places to dine in your city. It connects you with restaurants to create and manage seamless, hassle-free reservations and updates you on every slice of information from reserving a table to dining.

Founder Clicktable

Founded in 2015 and based out of New Delhi, Clicktable is the brainchild of Varun Gupta who is the founder and CEO of Clicktable Technologies LLP. Varun did his Bachelors in Computer Engineering from Purdue University, Indiana, USA in 2005 and MBA from Columbia University, New York, USA in 2011. He has also been involved in his family business of consumer appliances since 2005. He heads a team of like minded people who are working towards a common goal of making your dining experience a pleasant one. They started out of Delhi NCR and today they have roughly 600 restaurants on their platform. They have been successful in tapping standalone restaurants and now their focus has shifted on chains and 4/5 star hotels. They have also started operations in Bangalore and Mumbai few months back and have almost 150 restaurants in these two cities on their platform. They are planning to start operations in Pune and Hyderabad soon.

From helping restaurants manage their businesses, to enabling diners to make hassle free table reservation and avail best dining offers, Clicktable continues to disrupt the market with innovation and speed. Some of the benefits that Clicktable provides to the diners and restaurants are as follows:

Benefits for diners
– Make real-time online table reservations
– Discover best dining offers and latest events at favorite restaurants
– Choose restaurants based on genuine reviews by actual diners

Benefit for restaurants
– Efficiently manage guest data, reservations and walk-ins
– Promote events & offers to your guestbook with ease
– Effortlessly improvise on diner feedback for high customer satisfaction

With Clicktable you get ample of dining options suiting your preferences and convenience. On the top, exclusive offers and events make your dining experience a pleasant one. When diners like you share their transparent reviews and genuine ratings for restaurants, it builds up a trust chain benefiting almost every diner by avoiding post dining discontent.

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