Healthcare is one of first and foremost requirements in today’s world. We all require healthcare facilities at all times and more so in case of emergencies. One startup that is working towards this mission day in and day out is VMEDO.

VMEDO is an early stage start-up focused on solving Emergency Healthcare problems by creating a network of quality First responders, Ambulance providers, Hospitals, Blood donors, Blood Banks and making them accessible on a single platform (through web, App, Helpline). VMEDO is not just a mobile app, it is a complete ecosystem to help people during medical emergencies. It runs on the philosophy Vasudaiva Kutumbakam i.e. “The world is one family”.


Founded in the year 2017 and based out of Bangalore VMEDO was founded by Praveen Gowda & Darshan M K. Praveen Gowda (CEO & Co-founder of VMEDO), hails from the small town of Shimoga in Karnataka. He completed B.E in Bio-Medical & M.S in IT Healthcare from MIT, Manipal. He began his career as an intern in Philips and then started his first start-up, at the age of 23, called “Arera Technologies”, a technology consultation firm. Darshan M K (Director of VMEDO): Darshan M K, also from Shimoga, completed his B.E in Tele-communication from JNNCE, Shimoga. Their passion towards solving the medical crisis led Darshan & Praveen Gowda to start the firm VMEDO. The startup so far has managed to assist nearly 3000 different emergency conditions.


The platform is designed with an intention to drive a lot of voluntary activities and to spread the awareness of Emergency preparedness. People can register as a blood donor and as a First responder (only certified) and get intimated during Emergency.

The entire platform is designed and developed to achieve three things:
1. Creating a sense of awareness and Emergency preparedness among people.
2. Getting connected to the nearest Emergency responder in the quickest way possible.
3. Enabling responders to provide proper emergency care immediately.

By achieving these, they plan to create the following impacts:
1. Increase the accessibility to quality emergency response.
2. Decrease the emergency response time.
3. Reduce the cost of emergency response.

With a vision- To build the world’s most reliable Emergency Response Network, we want to make Emergency response available to anyone, anywhere, anytime VMEDO is completely dedicated to the task at hand

People in Medical Emergencies can reach out to VMEDO control room from anywhere, anytime, just on the click of a button on the VMEDO Web/App or by dialling the Helpline no. 080-67335555. Their trained triage team will address the emergency and help the victim with the right medical advice/First aid tips over the phone. With the help of their advanced Control room software application, the triage team is able to assist the patient/guardian with the nearest First responder, ambulance and definitive care unit. As all the stakeholders are connected over a single platform, everyone gets the information about the incident along with its location and patient details within seconds, which makes the delivering of emergency response even more effective. The Triage team monitors the patient till he gets the proper medical care.

The entire process can be self-managed by a guardian/patient without the help of VMEDO triage team. People can make use of the First aid feature from this mobile app to deliver the basic first aid and hence stabilize the victim. They can also find and book the nearest ambulance, reach out to the nearest hospital/ definitive care unit and notify friends and family about the incident.

There are 9000 volunteers in VMEDO, who are registered as a Blood Donor in VMEDO app & till now VMEDO has managed to assist nearly 3000 different emergency conditions. There are 100+ ambulance services & successfully completed over 800+ blood donation. After massive response from Bangalore for emergency medical services , the services are extended to Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad & Pune respectively.

VMEDO is planning to extend its services all over India, mainly focus on solving Medical Emergency Healthcare problem. The success and the growing necessity for emergency response motivate us to add some more features to the app, finally with the aim to make All in one & Best Emergency App for all medical emergencies.

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