Wedding day is one of the most awaited events in a girl’s life and every girl wants to look her best on this day. One of the deciding factors for that perfect look is the artist that handles the bride’s makeup, ensemble and hairdo. Hence, it is very important to make the right choice here. One startup that has made this easy is TBG Bridal Store.

TBG Bridal Store is an online association of bridal artists, designers, and salons for South Indian Brides. It is a forum that makes the best bridal artists in town easily accessible and affordable for brides and is dedicated to making brides look like queens on their special day. TBG offers Hair and Makeup services, Jewellery Rentals, Mehendi, Fashion Designing, Beautician services at home, Cosmetology, Photography and Videography, Poo Jadai and Garland designing and also the services of a Nutritionist and Personal Trainer. All these services are provided by top notch professionals with years of experience and delivered with utmost sincerity and dedication.

Founder TBG Bridal Store

TBG’s packages are designed keeping in mind different tastes and budgets of brides and to cater to each individually.TBG Wedding Store is a pioneer in the field of online wedding planning and has made the bridal experience of over a 1000 brides each year easier and stress-free. TBG also conducts workshops for Makeup and Hairstyling, Sari draping, jewellery making and Smart Bride and Zumba classes! TBG’s workshops in Bangalore and Chennai were roaring successes, and we intend to carry the traditional forward.

Founded in 2013 by Kaviya Raj and based out of Chennai, as of today TBG is run by a team where 95% of the members are women. With a total number of ten employees and a network of nearly a hundred artists. Kaviya Raj Kamaraj, a former software engineer, was inspired to start TBG while she was working for Infosys. Having assisted her friends during their weddings, and seeing how hard it was for brides to coordinate their different artists and designers while attending many functions, Kaviya saw the need for an association that would help brides plan their entire wedding with ease, and TBG was started at the end of 2013, with the aim of catering to the aesthetic needs of South Indian brides. With her passion for bridal services and entrepreneurial skills, TBG soon became her full-time job, and Kaviya enjoys every minute of it.

‘Being an entrepreneur is hard work and definitely stressful but at the end of the day, the satisfaction I get from the feedback of the brides is enormous, and cannot be compared with any other job,” she says with a smile.

As on date TBG has 1,25,000+ monthly page views with 25,000+ monthly unique visitors. TBG has on-board 100+ artist that have catered to 1000+ brides in past one year. Their future plan is to start a beauty school where many Indian women will get employment opportunities and will get a chance to explore a very interesting and fruitful career in India. Kaviya would also like to conduct free makeup training programs in rural cities to teach interested financially disadvantaged women the new concepts in the bridal industry, thus creating a large window for job opportunities.

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