Creativity is the lifeblood of all art forms, and to put up a great show many such creative souls need to come together on a common platform. One startup that is making this platform available for all the aspiring artists out there is Dextra.

Founded by BITS Pilani alumnus Divyaansh Anuj in the year 2016, Dextra is a collaborative platform for creative professionals like artists, designers, musicians, dancers, writers, filmmakers, photographers, etc. The sole mission of this startup is to profile all their creativity objectively, and find or be found by other complementary professions for collaboration.

Founder Dextra

The startup was founded by Divyaansh who is himself hails from a family of an artist, a singer-writer and a designer. He is a bit of a musician and writer himself. Having been a part of various initiatives in the arts during college, he was able to see the power that collaboration gives even to amateurs. It was after college that he saw a huge void in artists to find others with similar, or more often, complementary skills to collaborate with. This passion gave rise to an entrepreneurial instinct which he never knew existed in him. Employing the love he had for computer science, he picked up Android development shortly and started building Dextra. Somewhere around then, he got introduced to Amit who would eventually become Dextra’s Angel Investor and Evangelist. The current team consists of  Divyaansh Anuj,Amit Gupta, Shubhral Y Kumar, Suyash Taneja, Jyotman Singh,Vishwas Singh Chouhan, Shreya Dalela and Shashank Sharma. Seeing the unison of art and technology the way the team does, is what works for Dextra. Each member of the team have a background in both art and technology, and is therefore able to understand the industry, while being able to build it well.

Dextra brings all the artists on one platform. This platform works more on artist discovery than on art discovery because Dextra looks more at collaboration and less on consumption. It has so far got 30,000 android play store downloads from 150 countries in 6 months. With the iOS and Web apps coming up Dextra plans to capture the entire professional art space globally, starting from India first.

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