There is famous saying that,

Money makes the mare go

And, we couldn’t agree more. We all toil a lot to earn every single penny that we possibly can. The next thought always is to find out where we could invest the same so that it grows. It is for this very interest that we look around for people and companies that can guide us in our quest for the right investment. One startup that has been helping its customers do this is RupeeVest.

RupeeVest is an online investment and research platform for Mutual Funds and Corporate FDs, aimed at providing a safe and hassle-free investment experience through leveraging smart technology and in-depth research.They have come up with their proprietary RupeeVest Mutual Funds Rating Methodology after extensive research in financial science using various data mining methods which helps all investors, large and small to invest better.

RupeeVest Founders

Founded by Varun Mundra, Mitul Daga and Mayank Mundra, RupeeVest is based out of Kolkata. Varun, who is the co-founder and CEO,CTO of the startup is a B.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering from IIT Kharagpur. Mitul Daga who is the co-founder and heads the investment research has a Bachelors Degree in Commerce from St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata and has done his MBA (Finance) from NMIMS, Mumbai. Mayank Mundra who is the co-founder and COO is a B.Tech. and M.Tech. in Electronics and Electrical Communications from IIT Kharagpur. They bring along with them diverse experiences and problem solving skills needed to address the grey areas surrounding the mutual fund investment industry.
Diversity of their team has enabled them to develop products and services which need deep financial acumen as well as advanced programming skills. A combination of such skills has been the key driving force to fulfill their vision of bringing path breaking investment solutions to the individual investor.

They currently have around 300 active clients and worth INR 40 crores worth of total client Assets Under Management (AUM). Their future plans include adding PMS and Bonds / NCDs offerings to their existing product portfolio. They are also looking at development of an equity research platform to offer various equity data services to its customers. Their mission is to empower every Indian to make simple investment choices for themselves and they aspire to be a one-stop trusted destination for you to plan your financial goals, invest online with a scientific approach and monitor your investments.

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