At some stage in life we all have been at a point where we have build a house or an office and have been wondering about how and where to find the right products, suppliers and manufacturers, architects, service providers, ideas and resources. One startups that has understood this pain point is Wishkarma.

Wishkarma is a research platform for home builders, architects, interior designers and other professionals in the building and construction industry – to discover products, suppliers and manufacturers, architects, service providers, ideas and resources. While the online platform caters to retail consumers, they also provides a community-driven SaaS platform that includes a CRM and website for small architects, suppliers and service providers in this segment.

Founders Wishkarma

Founded by Raghu Seelamsetty and Sidhartha Meka in the year 2015, Wishkarma is based out of Hyderabad. Raghu is a seasoned new media executive and brings with him extensive experience in working with online media businesses. He has been a serial entrepreneur and co-founded successful startups like C-bridge Internet Solutions (which went on to get listed on the Nasdaq) and Cinoni (which was merged with CellExchange and listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange as Cambridge Technology Enterprises). In addition to Wishkarma, Raghu is a strategic partner for Sizmek in India and South Korea. Sizmek is the world’s largest media independent advertising technology (AdTech) company.  Sidhartha Meka is the founder of, a content management and application configuration platform (aPaaS). is deployed as a cloud service to design, build, deploy and manage massively scalable custom enterprise applications, e-commerce portals and IoT solutions without having to write any code. Raghu manages Sales and Marketing for Wishkarma and Sidhartha is the co-founder and the technology architect.

Their product catalog allows architects and home builders to research and identify products among more than 40,000 products across 2000 brands. Consumers have access to a directory of over 400 suppliers and manufacturers from across India, thereby making it a collaborative marketplace for home owners, architects, brands, suppliers and service providers.

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