Bangalore-based digital healthcare platform Practo has laid off about 150 employees .The layoffs were done as a part of the annual performance cycle.

“Every year, we follow an annual performance cycle in April where some Practeons leave us to look for opportunities outside. The same has been followed today and 150 of our colleagues are leaving us. This is a combination of performance and natural redundancies that emerge as we evolve our businesses and integrate our five acquisitions,”

said a company spokesperson.

Practo has offered two months of pay and the option of staying on company rolls for the duration of two months besides outplacement services to employees who have been asked to go.

Founded in 2008 by Shashank ND, Practo Technologies Pvt. Ltd has 1,500-2000 employees. It runs a doctor appointment site and offers an ad platform to clinics, hospitals, and diagnostic centres. The company currently has a presence in the Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brazil, apart from India. It currently does close to 45 million appointments annually and has more than 1 lakh doctors on board.

Recently, Practo also changed it logo and identity and increased focus on stakeholders as well.

Practo’s various offerings have made significant progress in 2016. It claims to have witnessed a 116% growth in patients visiting Practo, 81% more appointments booked, and 150% growth in online consultations on its platform.

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