One of the major concerns that is faced by the world today is proper medical consultations and advise. Although there are too many options available but we don’t know who to trust. One startup that has understood this concern very well and is working at making medical expertise available for all is AlternaCare.

Team Alternacare

.AlternaCare is a 24X7 virtual clinic accessible from any part of the planet by simply dialing 888-26-44444 anytime 24X7. Anyone, even without the internet can take best medical consultations with reputed doctors over a phone call followed by relevant prescriptions in the form of SMS. AlternaCare is a company seed funded by Eros labs which is a world class leading accelerator cum VC fund . Currently, it is incubating early stage startups in several fields like fashion, spirituality , technology and digital healthcare.

Founded by Karan Bedi and Abhishek Dwivedi in the year 2016, AlternaCare is based out of Delhi NCR. Karan heads Eros Labs and is a strategic advisor to ErosNow. Abhishek is a serial entrepreneur who earlier launched SBD Solutions rebranded as Pristine Solar Energy after getting acquired by Pristine Group. The startup currently consists of 10-15 people.

AlternaCare provides remote consultations to patients through both instant and scheduled options over multiple platforms, including phone, video calling, SMS and Whatsapp. Several value added services, like secure electronic health records, frictionless payments, and data access, are also provided.Using cloud telephony technology, its India’s first health-tech startup that has removed the dependency on the internet for doctor consultations as well as facilitating medicine delivery, lab tests, etc. Video call consultations with doctors are also supported on AlternaCare.

AlternaCare has provided more than 100 doctors for each patient 24X7.It is doing more than 250 consultations a day and more than 50 follow-ups each day. More than 40K patients healed successful and more than 1 Lac enquiries received till date.As part of their future plans Alternacare plans to enter the foreign markets of SEA then Middle East then Europe and America.

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