The massive growth of the education sector of the state can be seen by the way the villages were being brought up. To add to this Mobikart was developed. 

Mobikart is an ecosystem for everything mobile. Their vision is to become a one stop destination for all mobile needs. A place where users can visit and find everything about mobiles, products related to mobiles, compare and buy from top stores online and offline. They plan to build an environment for buyers which is fast, efficient and very easy to use.

Founders Mobikart

Founded by Ruturaj Pradeep Kohok and Nitin Rakesh Nagar in the year 2015, Mobikart is based out of Nashik. In addition to the two co-founders the team further consists of Abhimanyoo Kohok and few UK based Entrepreneurs & Investors. is a Product Discovery and Price Comparison system for everything mobile.
Smartphones, Tablets, Accessories, mobile Insurance, warranties, Apps, Used/ Refurbished phones, Online recharge, Deals, Launches, Reviews and Coupons.
Their  intelligent system will help you choose the best Gadget based on your needs and fetch the cheapest price for you from top online / Offline stores, You can research any gadget, compare, sell your used phones, recharge online, get extended warranties and insurance, know about the latest apps and launches.
If you know which brand you want, you can just type in the brand name and the model and they will fetch you the product with all specifications, Lowest prices from their partner online stores.
If you don’t know what to buy, Just select price range, Processor, Brand and any other specification as per your choice and get the best results of products as per you requirements.
They have this fast compare tool, Just select the product up-to four at a time and easily view which one fits best in your criterion
They will soon be adding tools to sell your devices, buy refurbished ones, get insurance and warranties online, view nearby stores and view deals.

Within an year of its operations, Mobikart has managed to mark its space among the top 7000 websites. It has more than a million page views in a month and in 2016 this site was nominated the website of the year. Mobikart aims at building complete ecosystem to help people buy mobiles as per their needs.

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