IOT is increasingly becoming the need of the hour. Taking internet to another level by using IOT (Internet Of Things) one startup aims at becoming the global real time instant messaging and tracking app is Letstrack.

Letstrack is a leader in its field, which brings real-time GPS tracking capabilities via its Smartphone tracking & chatting app and standalone tracking devices.The proprietary, cross-platform app uses GPS and the internet to track and send text messages, images, videos and user locations. Headquartered in London, Letstrack is already going strong in 2 countries and ready to embrace 4 more countries in the near future. With offices in U.K. and India, Letstrack is ready to change the global perception about tracking.

Founded in 2016 and based out of Delhi NCR, Letstrack is a real-time tracking app and tracking devices that utilizes GPS (Global Position System) along with mobile data services to track, send/receive texts, images, videos and even user locations with photos. Currently their team consists of 15 members.

The aim of this application and their devices is to provide security for your kids, parents, pets, spouses and vehicles or any other valuable asset by keeping track of their location; additionally this can be used to track the whereabouts of your workforce enabling you to view the exact time spent at each location on a web based admin panel. Letstrack has a wholesome approach and understands the need of communication; that’s why we have added a very important feature missing from almost all other tracking apps. An Instant Messaging Service, this helps you communicate with your fellow trackers and increases productivity and fun.

Letstrack not only support B2B, but they are ready to serve B2C also. It helps you to know exactly where something or someone is with just a few quick clicks.This can be great for Women Safety, Child Safety, Pet Safety, Automobile Safety, and Save Money and even improves productivity in personal as well as corporate level.

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