Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) recruited over 11,500 people outside India during 2016-17, including graduates from engineering and B-schools in the US, as it ramps up local hiring in offshore markets to tackle visa-related challenges.

TCS and other IT companies use H1-B (For US) to send their employees to work on client sites, however, over past few weeks, governments in markets like US, Australia and New Zealand are tightening their work visa norms. Company has been hiring local talents in offshore markets to ensure compliance with rules.

“Our local hiring programmes in various geographies are progressing well. In FY17, we recruited over 11,500 employees outside India, including some engineering campuses and the top-10 business schools in the US,” TCS CEO and Managing Director Rajesh Gopinathan told investors.

Moreover, new technologies like process automation and artificial intelligence are fast making a number of jobs redundant, that in turn is impacting hiring at IT firms.

TCS added about 79000 employees gross, which is lesser than previous years hires of 90000. Also, TCS inducted 16173 people from offshore markets in the last fiscal, which is greater than this year’s recruitment. TCS did not provide geographical details of the recruitment, but the figures speak for themselves, indicating that the total net intake will be lesser in upcoming years than current year in view of the changing dynamics of the market.

However, over the past few weeks, the US and other countries like Australia have taken steps to tighten their visa regime. This, in turn, has forced companies to adjust their business models to reduce their dependence on visas and hire more locals overseas instead.

The development comes at a time when the over $140 billion Indian IT industry is grappling with challenges like fluctuating currency movement and technology changes at a fast pace. New technologies like automation and artificial intelligence are also making a number of jobs redundant that in turn is impacting hiring at IT firms.

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