Business executives who are always on the move and own the greater responsibility for the business always crave for business insights to take smart decisions. But stuck with conventional means to access and analyze data makes the whole process slow, inefficient and adds lots of bottlenecks. With widespread usage of smartphones and tablets for business needs, which are still used only for email, calendars and chat the power is completely underutilized. One startup that has understood this very well and is working towards getting the right solution to this problem is WonderBi Analytics.


WonderBi is a mobile first, interactive data analytics solution that empowers the business users with an ability to interact with data in most engaging way. WonderBi is designed to deliver business insights that can help the business users to take smart decisions “in the moment”, wherever they are. WonderBi can be used by any size of business from startups to the large enterprises. WonderBi can take inputs from Excel spreadsheets as well and can help enhance ROI of existing BI solution or any other reporting solution implemented within the organization by adding an intuitive and engaging mobility layer at a fraction of the cost of any other BI systems. WonderBi is designed in a most human way that doesn’t need any great skills to use as well as for implementation. WonderBi also has a great ecosystem for hand-holding the users if they need any help.

Founder WonderBi Analytics

Founded in 2016 by Nikhil Gundale WonderBi Analytics is based out of Mumbai. WonderBi came in to existence to empower businesses and executives who are on the move with ability to carry and analyze business data of any kind in highly interactive way through KPIs, visualizations, charts, grid reports, analytics, slicing and dicing and collaboration capabilities, on their smart mobile devices wherever they go. Nikhil an entrepreneur at heart, technology strategist by profession and MBA by education, has played many responsible roles at multinational organizations over 15 years of his corporate career. He was Vice President – Systems and Technology at Lowe Lintas before he founded WonderBi Analytics. Nikhil successfully managed series of responsibilities at various levels of corporate value chain spearheading large scale national and international technology projects while working with group companies of US multinationals like IPG, News Corp, Tata and Lionbridge.

There are hundreds of BI products available in the market but they all focus solving data engineering problem and never care of users ability to interact with the data. WonderBi is designed with Mobile First design approach and keeping user experience for data analytics as a central idea. WonderBi licensing policy is so easy that any size of business can adopt it as an integral part of the business process. WonderBi doesn’t demand any technology expertise or high end analytics expertise, if user has data on excel spreadsheet, it can be transformed in unique interactive and engaging visualizations in few moments.

Typically businesses can leverage the power of WonderBi for sales, production, inventory, logistics, finance and HR related analytics needs. With WonderBi, business users get engaged with data, voluntarily! Business users start enjoying data analytics on mobile devices as they would enjoy playing angry birds, resulting in better decision making, productivity enhancement and eventually Business Growth.

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