Every business aims to maximize their sales and one way of doing it is to make your user interface customer friendly. The most important way to do that is to have a great app. In order to have a great app, one needs to have a great app developer. One startup that solves this problem is AppLancer.

AppLancer is a web portal where you can find app developers for a project. AppLancer will help you find the most suitable developer for your project. You can also find all the information of the developer and the apps developed by them in their profiles.

Founder AppLancer

Founded by Sahil Kohli in the year 2016 AppLancer is based out of Chandigarh. Sahil Kohli, CEO, Applancer.co is a PEC graduate. He is an entrepreneur since his college days. He bootstrapped Applancer as having a previous experience of it during graduation in PEC, Chandigarh with Xerocopy, where he used to do advertisement on bottom of xerocopy which was free to college students and it was a success. He even had a rich exposure in Day trading for Brazilian and UK markets. He was heading Exousia Tech for 2 years before coming up with Applancer.co

AppLancer is a platform that brings app developers and project clients together under one roof. It was initiated in December’16 with a vision to help app developers getting their big break in IT sector across globe and providing them a simplified platform with 4 major traits – transparency, secrecy, dynamism and human touch which other market players are not providing. Applancer helps in match making of project clients and app developers across globe. The AppLancer team consists of Sahil Kohli who is the CEO, Sonamdeep Kaur handling the sales, Pooja handling the Marketing and Prabhjit Kaur handling the PR Manager.

AppLancer plans is to reach the grassroots in India, which is the major hub of IT companies and freelancers offering app development services, and because we will be involving in extensive ground marketing, they believe it will be our great advantage. With extensive experience in app development, they know the detailed technical know-how of the app development industry, which will be of advantage while evaluating teams.


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