Restaurant business in India is hugely widespread and it is this very reason that causes great confusions for the restaurant goers. It is this concern that has led EazyDinner and TripAdvisor to collaborate.

India’s online restaurant booking platform EazyDiner and travel site TripAdvisor have announced that they will collaborate to power instant reservations for over 2,200 leading restaurants across India. This partnership will make restaurant discovery and reservations more convenient for Indian domestic travelers, whilst also enabling global travelers to find and confidently book tables at some of India’s best restaurants when they visit the country, TripAdvisor stated.

By using this service TripAdvisor’s global traveler community will be able to access the latest in restaurant information provided by EazyDiner’s database of over 2,200 restaurant outlets in India.

EazyDiner is India’s first curated table reservation app founded by experienced hoteliers and restaurateurs along with celebrated journalist & food critic Vir Sanghvi. It is the only leading real-time, instant table reservation platform in India featuring award winning restaurants in 9 cities and 2 countries. The platform also enables diners to view expert critic reviews of popular restaurants with unique insider tips.

As per TripAdvisor’s country manager Nikhil Ganju,

“This collaboration with EazyDiner will be great for travellers who want to easily find and discover great places to eat in India, and who want to be confident that they will be guaranteed a table of their choice. Most importantly, they can now also be confident with the insights and advice from the millions on TripAdvisor, that they will have a great meal.”

While speaking on this development, EazyDiner CEO and founder Rohit Dasgupta said,

“We are very excited to partner with TripAdvisor. The response to EazyDiner has been phenomenal and we are pleasantly surprised as to how people have embraced a new way to make restaurant reservations. Not only are we reducing the friction between the diner and the restaurant but we are also filling up restaurants like never before. This association with TripAdvisor will actually put India’s restaurants on the map for the global traveler to be able to book before they travel.

This sure looks like a welcome initiative for the travelers within India and will ensure a great dining experience for them.

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