With growing population, reduced resources and global warming, one of the major concerns is finding pure drinking water. Water becomes unfit for drinking due to various reasons like hardness, PH value, contaminants, pollutants,  hazardous chemicals getting into water, so on and so far. What one remembers in such a situation is the famous lines from the poem ‘The Rime of the Ancient Warrior’,

Water water everywhere but not a drop to drink

Well one startup that has truly understood this pain point and the other related problems is Aquvio.

Aquvio is India’s first water conserving water purifying technology, that removes impurities and contaminants using reverse osmosis and they aim to provide their customers with great, refreshing, mineral rich tasty water along with providing an extremely high recovery rate of water with their unique patented technology.

They have defined Educational Institutes with at least 300 students as the target segment, in Varanasi region for the sale of 100 LPH water purifier product.The drinking water consumption of such institutes is 800-1000 Liters per day.

Founded by Naveen Kumar and Rohit Kumar Mittal, in the year 2015, Aquvio is based out of Varanasi. The founder duo have graduated with Civil Engineering degree from  IIT (BHU), Varanasi. Their technology was given a wider perspective and direction under the mentorship of Technology Business Incubator, MCIIE–TBI, IIT (BHU), Varanasi and Dr. SN Upadhyay (ex- Director IIT (BHU)), thereby building a more stable and marketable version of their product. They developed a business model in which Naveen handled Business Development, operations and technology commercialization and Rohit took care of Sales and Marketing Management. In order to upgrade their technology parallel to the advancing technologies in the world team Aquvio took mentorship from Dr. Dharmendra Kumar (Sr. Scientist, IRRP, Hannover, Germany). In May 2016, Aquvio came under the guidance of Shri MS Maun, Ex-Banker, for financials understanding. Aquvio is a team of 9 full time and 6 indirect employees.

The current reverse osmosis based water purifiers when fed 4 liters of water, waste nearly 3 liters of water and produces 1 litre i.e. around 20-30% recovery. The waste water just runs in the drain. This has become a big pain point. To counter this Aquvio has built this innovative technology which gives around 70% recovery of product water. When fed with 4 liters of water produces nearly 3 liters of product water and rejects nearly 1 liter water. Aquvio have reduced the power consumption and production cost per liter by half. The duty cycle has also been increased to 800 liters per day capacity as opposed to a regular 500 liter per day capacity. This is with a lower power capacity of 84 watts, and a 50 per cent reduction in water wastage. With the mineral concentration in their product, we also meet the required water quality standards.The competitive advantage is that Aquvio have reduced the water wastage and energy consumption by 50%. Aquvio is saving 1500 Liters of water every day, INR 1/ liter annually of customers with a payback period of 15 months contributing huge to the economy of the country.

Currently Aquvio has a customer base of 25  with the number of product installations as 55. Their drinking water is reaching around about 50,000 people everyday which include 20,000 students per day and around 5,000 underprivileged students everyday. For this innovative thought they have also received, CII Industrial innovation awards 2016-Top 10 promising Startup. They have also one in the Top-20 innovative start-ups in Global Cleantech Innovation Programme 2016 for SME’s in India organised by United Nations-UNIDO. They have also received Startup Recognition from Start up India and Stand up India, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Ministry of India: Application no. DIPP91. They have also featured in the Zoho Challenge International Top 3 Startups. And the list is endless.

In the days to come they intend to expand to Delhi/NCR and Uttar Pradesh. This startup surely has taken up one of the most important and innovative step towards water conservation and to enhance the reach of this water to the students who need it the most.

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