Developing your business is the way forward towards future and to do that it is very important for the budding enterprises to manage operations and improve efficiency. One startup that enables this for the small and medium sized IT companies is Agilean.

Agilean is an AI and NLP based SaaS Enterprise automated workflow management tool for small and medium IT companies fitting different verticals. It is a customizable and user-friendly tool, able to set your automated Kanban work-flow process within minutes with its “50 + Built-in templates”.

Founder Agilean

Founded by Sarma BKP in the year 2016, Agilean is based out of Bangalore. Sarma has over 17 years of IT-Technology experience dealing with IT Infrastructure, Networking, Data Centers, Cloud Computing Services and Analytics.

With Agilean tool, workflow automation not only lets you speed up but also improve the existing assignments based on your organization’s or your clients’ needs. Agilean tool (integration of both Lean and Agile) enables project planning, execution, monitoring, control and continuous learning for variety of software and other industry vertical projects.

Agilean promotes total transparency on all your projects, details, and more. The software delivers the most accurate and updated information about all your and your team’s work via powerful and beautiful data visualizations that are easy to understand. Improvement and optimization of your workflows are maximized as you and your team are able to spot bottlenecks and potential issues that can hamper your operations.
With Agilean, the feedback loop is quick and short. This allows for better collaboration and communication between you and your client, ensuring that your team is able to supply the minimum viable product (MVP) and validate. You and your team are able to quickly see and comprehend the workflow and process helping you to determine processes that are wasteful and take them out of the equation.

Agilean offers Kanban that allows clients to set up an automated process in 2 minutes with the help of inbuilt templates. Select the Workflow Template based on type of your project. All your funnels(or process flow) will be created automatically, where tasks or activity, are passed from one participant to another for action, according to a set of procedural rules. Or, you can modify the funnel and create your own. The workflow automation lets you speed up performance, but also improve existing assignments based on your organization’s or your clients’ needs. Agilean has developed stand-up meetings where all your run time discussions in the form of audio will be converted into systematic text (like key points, discussion and action points)l and then converted to mp3 and saved on your device. The team and the managers can ask specific questions about the project and status and get the overall feedback/results from AI in real time. AI Assistants can learn about the overall project (the past and present performance ) and can give recommendations and predict the future performance.

Improving your team’s overall efficiency becomes easier. Agilean lets you take a deep look at the actual productivity time for cards without including wait time and blocked time and identify how you can further enhance productivity and deliver better, high-value output.

In the IT business, it is crucial that you keep your customers notified on every updated and progress. Your customers being able to provide their inputs and thoughts is equally important as well. With Agilean, your customers have a platform where they can supply you with their needs, wants, and more and you being able to respond as quickly as possible.

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  1. Wonderful. Sarma and KP, I am seeing an achievement from your unrelenting efforts. Congratulations and good going.

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