Business can be built in a great way only if the product reaches masses. In today’s digital era it is even more important to enhance your reach and most of the business’ do so through the online selling medium. However, one of the most important challenge faced by online sellers is lack of proper guidance to get their products to the public. One startup that has understood this and is making the life easy for the online seller is SellerGyan.

SellerGyan assist e-commerce sellers to perform their online operations on their own with minimal effort and in smaller time-frames. Their products are very convenient and feasible for any seller to self operate. And their products are the bridge that plug-in e-commerce power into seller’s business that boosts up sales and scales up his Online Business. Their products help both sellers who want to enter into Online and those who want to scale up their Online business.

Founders SellerGyan

Founded by Praveen Penumaka and Nasreen Shaik, SellerGyan came into existence in 2016 and is based out of Hyderabad. Praveen Penumaka(Founder&CTO) is an IIT Madras alumni and has served as an SDE at Amazon, India in addition to being the Head of Technology at Prototyze, Goa. Nasreen Shaik(CO-Founder & CEO) is an MBA from Institute of Public Enterprise and has previously served as Program Manager at Amazon, India. She is a Six-sigma blackbelt holder and has served as a Category Manager Browntape, Goa. Their team is  a bunch of cheerful eager beavers set out from Employment-ship to Entrepreneurship. We saw what were discounted as small problems in e-commerce operations that outlasted the gap between e-commerce and the seller, which made many sellers not to go Online and many sellers to quit their Online business.

Team SellerGyan has done comprehensive research into e-commerce entry, operations, market, promotions, sustenance fields for over years and brought up overlooked and settled-down problems to limelight and is building up technological solutions that solve them effectively.

Currently they have 789 page views for their first product website, there are 513 registered users and out of them 456 are using their product on daily basis in Product Cataloging on e-commerce. Their products are on line to launch that can reduce a seller’s effort, assures any seller to enter into Online business comfortably and confidently and assists any seller to scale up his sales efficiently.

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