A famous quote says,

Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art.

And this infact holds true for all art forms. However, sometimes some great artworks remain untouched and unnoticed because they are never found. One startup that has made promoting and selling original Indian artwork as their business is ArtOfColours.

ArtOfColors provides a platform for art lovers and Indian artists to come together and celebrate their passion i.e. art. Their sole purpose of existence is to deliver art to those who love and directly from them who believe in its sheer beauty. They procure art items, exhibit and sell them in the hope of making the art market more transparent by providing items with which you can express and connect.

With a collection that includes all possible styles and subject imaginable. ArtOfColours have a team of experts that ensures the art connects directly with the people who love it. Featuring an unparalleled assortment of fine art, limited editions, exclusive pieces, contemporary originals, their platform ensures to meet the demands of their customer exquisitely.

Founder ArtOfColours

Based out of Kolkatta, ArtOfColors was founded in 2013 by Tamal Bagchi. Tamal believed in the art world and its extravaganza presence. Their main goal is to make art an easily accessible item by changing the way the world find it and purchases. ArtOfColors gives opportunities to artists to exhibit and sell their artwork online with thousands of potential buyers. They currently have 15 team members who work on this portal day and night with dedication.

They work directly with the artists and have 450+ artists already working for their group so they can sell artworks as much as affordable price. They have a tie-up with hotels and interior houses for their decoration jobs.

ArtOfColors Foundation as part of their future plans is looking towards helping children who don’t have sufficient money to learn the techniques of painting or sculptures building.

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