Court verdicts are confusing at times for the common populace, and these become even more complicated to understand when they pertains to legal information. One startup that has been working towards bringing the legal news to the common man is InCourt.

Founder Incourt

InCourt is a legal news app that selects relevant news from multiple sources and Judgments from different Courts of India. The app summarizes news and judgments in 60 words or less. All summarized stories contain headlines, a brief description along with its background and relevant images. Through this app the end user gets updated with plethora of latest legal updates in a nutshell.

Founded by Sanjay Aggarwal, M Abhijnan and Jatin Sahani in the year 2016, InCourt is based out of Delhi. Sanjay Aggarwal, co-founder of InCourt who comes with around two decades of experience in the legal business says,

“We really want to work hard and bring a value product to the people. We want to change the way people look at the Indian legal system.”

He not only conceived the idea of InCourt but also worked tirelessly to bring the whole concept to substance. Sanjay stands firm like a rock when it comes to motivating the team or mentoring the other co-founders. M Abhijnan is an NLU Jodhpur alumni, as the unique spelling of his name goes, so are his working styles. He turns out to be one of the most humble and able Co-founders. There is nothing he would not say a yes to. Problem solver, always a cool head he never fails to motivate the team to work. And last but not the least, Jatin Sahani is a self-motivated & result driven entrepreneur, Unique in that is, He is as innovative & creative as he is a techie, seen time and time again throughout his career. The only thing predictable about Jatin is his passion to out-do what’s been done. His ability to balance strategic planning and competitive analysis, with creative innovation and a “Nothing is impossible“ attitude, have allowed him to successfully encourage innovation & creativity across a number of businesses.

The InCourt team launched a pilot product in September 2016 and got 17,000 downloads within a span of three months validating their concept. They intend not only to make the legal news reading experience easier but to also make it faster. They have also got covered in the leading magazine “The Entrepreneur” and Bar & Bench- a very reputed digital portal in the field of law. They are currently looking forward to raise funds to strengthen the team and improve on the technology for a better product to revolutionaries the way law is viewed in the country.

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