One of the toughest part of growing up is managing your money matters. While we all have our own ways of doing so, we all have at one point or the other wished for a digital assistant which can help us have total control of our monetary transactions. Well one startup that has understood this pain point and is working towards getting this fixed for us is Money360 App.

Money360 is a personal finance app which gives a 360-degree view of your entire financial life. You can enter your daily transactions, generate various reports to track and control your spend, add and manage budgets and create reminders so that you never miss a payment date. It works offline, so you don’t need internet connection to use the app. It has one touch backup and restore options so that you never lose your valuable data.

Founder Money360 App

Founded by Tushar Kiri, Money 360 degree is based out of Pune and came into existence in the year 2016. Tushar has 12+ years of IT experience, finance and technology background, keen interest in personal financial planning. He has always had a keen interest in personal financial planning and wanted to leverage his technology experience to do something for the people who are struggling to save money and are unaware of the importance of financial planning. With this view in mind Tushar came up with the idea of creating a smartphone app which helps people track their income and expenses and save money. And then they can invest the savings for their future goals. He built a team and executed the idea from inception to product marketing. The end result of all this hardwork was Money360 Android app.

The core team at Money360 consists of both finance and technology background. The team members include Android developers, UI/UX designer and digital marketing intern. They have a mentor in Mr. Anil Gupte, who has more than 20 years of experience in technology space and who is an entrepreneur and founder CEO of multiple startups.

Money360 App works with an aim to help people take complete control of their finances and save up to 10% on the monthly expenses. Money360 creates bank and credit card transactions automatically from phone SMS. It also creates automatic reminders of utility bill payments so that you never miss a payment date. Money360 provides all the payment options in single app. You can make cashless transactions and pay your bills or transfer money. It shows rich and insightful reports to give you trend analysis of your spending pattern. You can create budgets to track and control your expenses.

Money360 App is available in four languages including English, Hindi, Gujarati and Marathi. It so far has more than 5500 downloads and 4.2 rating on Google Play Store. With the powerful features, simplicity and regional language support we are sure that Money360 will make its mark on the startup map very soon.

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