Wedding is one of the most important ritual for most of us. And when it comes to India, we like our Weddings to be extravagant affair. One startup that has understood the pain points in this whole process and is working towards streamlining the whole Wedding experience is Happy Shappy.

Happy Shappy is an online portal for a wide variety of wedding venues and vendors. Additionally, it is developing tech-based solutions to make wedding planning much easier and less hectic,especially for young, working professionals. In the past seven months that Happy Shappy has been operating, they’ve closed over 70 weddings, ranging from INR 10 Lakhs to INR 1 Crore, and have been featured in various media publications.

In short, they have re-imagined how you celebrate the happiest events of your life. Plan, join and dream something amazing with us – and book your vendors online. Happy Shappy was founded by Nitin Sood & Sana Sood to re-imagine how you celebrate your most special days. It is based out of New Delhi and was founded in the year 2016. In addition to Sana and Nitin, they have a team of 12 in their Delhi office.

Founders Happy Shappy

Nitin Sood has a Masters in Computer Science from the George Washington University, and spent the past 10 years working in Washington DC for the US government and then for the World Bank. Nitin has a very strong technical background, and is the Founder and CEO of Happy Shappy.
Sana Hoda Sood has a Masters in International Affairs from the George Washington University, and lived in the US for the past 25 years. She grew up in the States and was working in international risk for global firms. Sana is also a published author and writes regularly she is the Co-Founder and Creative Director of Happy Shappy.

For Happy Shappy all their other players in the market are essentially listing services and have been for the pat 3-5 years that they’ve been operational. Happy Shappy is leveraging technology to build tools that empower people when planning their weddings. In the next 2 weeks, we will be launching a budget calculator, free wedding website builder, checklist and guest list creator. In the past seven months they have planned more that 70 weddings. In the future, we’re looking forward to introducing our tech based tools, our mobile app for wedding planning on the go, and the first of its kind social portal for wedding inspiration curation and shopping.

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