Entertainment industry is one of the fastest growing industry of our times. Gone are the days when access to this industry was a privilege of a few as with growing social networks and shrinking distances, the world has become a global village and everyone who has talent can portray and broadcast it to the world. In other words, it is a world full of opportunities out there, all one needs is the right platform to groom and showcase your talent.One startup that has made this thought as the very core of their business is GlamTalents.com

GlamTalents is a platform which train and promote young talent in the field of arts like music, photography, modelling, acting, singing and music. Started by professionals from the field of technology, theater and modelling; we are trying to use technology to train and promote fresh talents.

Founder GlamTalents.com

Founded by Vivek Ghai, Arvind Mittal and Meghna Mittal in the year 2017, GlamTalents is based out of Pune. Vivek is a tech entrepreneur and founder of Glamtalents.com. He has worked with many start-ups in past and has a vision of creating global platform for connecting local glam talents with local and international production houses. Arvind Mittal is a Actor/Writer/Director, he has been staging plays in English and Hindi since 1989. Major productions have been “Neil Simon’s “The Star-spangled Girl”, Woody Allen’s “God”, Moliere’s “The Imaginary Invalid”, A musical “Fiddler on the Roof”. He has penned down a movie script “The Realm of Wishlandia” and an English Play “Somebody is gonna get Killed” which is in the making. And, Meghna Mittal is a Model/Actor/Dancer and a Fashion Promotion and Imaging Student. Her achievements are, first and foremost she was the Miss Femina India Top 20 in 2015, Miss Universe India Top 40 in 2014, Miss Citadel Top 2 in 2012. She has modeled for Vodafone, Uber, Quirkbox, Koovs, Fabogo. She was in Pune Fashion Week 2016 and has modeled for several other designer and brands. Founded by professionals from the drama, modelling and technology industry GlamTalents trains and promote talents and give them their first needed break.

Within a short span of four months they have trained more than 200 talents. Their future plans include creating GlamTalents productions Web Series and an English Play in Pune, organising talent hunt events in Pune, Hyderabad and Mumbai, increasing talent user base and signing up with other production houses to share their talent profiles with them.

To sum it all, Glamtalents is an exciting new platform for celebrities and budding talent to promote themselves and connect with casting agencies.

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