We all have had our times when we might have felt that it would be a great idea if someone could drive our car for us. The reasons for seeking this can me more than one. It could range from not being well to drive a car, after-effects of a late night party, too tired to drive, so on and so forth. One startup that is all set to capitalise this market and make it their core business is 247driver.

247driver is a safe and reliable chauffeur service that is provided through their 24/7 call center, Web and App. You can use 247driver to order a driver who will driver you in the comfort of your own car and it will be there at the timing of your choice, or within approximately 60 minutes if you need it on the spot. The startup claims to be certain of the fact that you won’t find the same high standards anywhere else.

Founders 247driver

The startup refers its drivers as Captains to deliver their promise reliably. All their captains have experience driving manual, automatic any luxury cars without any aggro and you can pay with cash on the spot. The idea of simplifying ground transportation and creating jobs occurred when Zeeshan Akthar and his co-founders Mahendra NS wanted to do something more rewarding, something entrepreneurial with an idea of not only simplifying the lives of people but also organising a very unorganised sector. They understood how bad the service reliability levels were both with B2C and B2B markets and they knew they could use technology to improve how these businesses were run and take it to the next level. Thus they blended their experience and expertise to tweak and build an awesome product called 247driver with its headquarters in Bangalore.

Ever since its establishment in Bangalore in 2016, 247driver has seen its business grow at a rather rapid pace. As on date it has a presence across Bangalore and they will be live in 5 cities creating jobs for 10000+ captains by the end of 2017.

247driver is much more than an average startup, it not only provides great work conditions to its drivers, but takes a step ahead by taking care of their families as well. They help their captains educate their children and raise the standard of living of their families. They come from very humble backgrounds and challenging environments, so 247driver has the opportunity to change their circumstances in whichever way they can. In return, they take great pride being ambassadors of 247driver and deliver the great service which their clients and customers expect them to.

So no matter where or how you choose to travel, your experience with 247driver will and always be one of life’s great constants.

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