We all love to be creative with the products that we use as part of our everyday lives and only wish that we had options to find our customized merchandise whenever we want. So, if mass merchandise products challenge your individuality and original and personalised items are what you crave for; you are going to have a good time at PrintOctopus. The wait is over, so, let your items of everyday use reflect your distinctive personality by customizing it with your own favourite artwork.


PrintOctopus is a vibrant community and a marketplace that gives a big hearty shout out to the artist that exists within all of us. PrintOctopus is an E-commerce marketplace, which helps artists to showcase and monetize their artwork through print on demand merchandise while helping consumers design products, which reflect their individuality. The company’s mantra is threefold – BROWSE, CREATE and SELL.

Founded by Dhruv Jain in the year 2015, PrintOctopus is based out of Delhi. The idea of PrintOctopus came to Dhruv at Loughborough, where he studied IT & Business Management. In his second year of under graduation, he was elected as the merchandise representative of his halls of residence. That is where he learned about printing. During the same time, his sister, a graduate in Graphic Designing, faced challenges in her career. She took up a corporate job where, she had to forego doing what she loved the most – designing quirky stuff
and photography, and started working only on clients’ briefs. She didn’t want to start her own
merchandise venture as that was a lot of investment in terms of time and money and there was
a huge commitment involved. That’s when Dhruv realized that similar challanges were being faced by many other artists in India. He saw an opportunity to combine his knowledge in printing with the artist community in India. To further solidify his understanding of the area, Dhruv joined a postgraduate course in Innovation & Entrepreneurship from University Of Warwick, United Kingdom. Under the guidance of his mentors, who were professional ecommerce consultants, he completed his final project on PrintOctopus in Warwick. He came back to India and started implementing PrintOctopus. PrintOctopus was Dhruv’s solution that would make it easier for artists while also getting them the money and the recognition they deserve.

At PrintOctopus, you can browse thousands of unique designs on various products from artists all over India. You can create something unique and interesting just for yourself through their extremely user friendly design tool called the PrintOctopus Lab and you can even sell your amazing artworks and get a chance to unleash your talent to the world. For customers, it is a one-stop shop to buy and create merchandise that is oh-so-you. They currently boast of over 10,000 designs for their wide product range which includes T-shirts, phone covers, posters and many other products. PrintOctopus believes in the fact that your items of everyday use should reflect your distinctive personality.

For artists, PrintOctopus provides a platform where they can unleash that creative superhero and flex their artistic muscles for the greater good. Artists can upload their work on PrintOctopus’ website for free and then sell it on a variety of fantabulous quality products.

The company’s vision is to be India’s leading customized product marketplace in the next 5 years and help artists earn money doing something they love.

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