Finding the right medical aid at the right time is utmost crucial to save lives. With the ever increasing number of medical emergency cases availability of medical aid has more important than ever. Many of us must have witnessed what lack of this facility can lead to. Some miss happening in family because of unavailability of doctor on time, inspired Free Doctor Helpline founder Manish Raikwar, to do something prompt and helpful for those who need doctor consultation or health support in late hours or emergency hours.

Manish is a Enthusiast Entrepreneur and Software Engineer. He has completed his (Computer Engineering) from Netaji Subhash Institute of Technology, New Delhi in 2015. Prior to starting his own venture he worked with GOIBIBO.  He along with Dr. Saurabh Sharma and united a team of doctors and health expert who have experience about 30+ years and want to do something good for society and people. So, the  Free Doctor Helpline was conceptualized and turned into reality in May 2016. In just one year, the platform has served more than 59000 people with almost 2500-3000 people availing the service every day and  making more than 2000 doctor appointments.

Based out of New Delhi, Free Doctor Helpline is health consultation platform available 24×7 over call +91-8010- 555 444, WhatsApp, and online Consultation with doctors on . The platform provides:

  1. Online Doctor Consultation Free
  2. Doctor Appointment Booking
  3. Medical Tourism
  4. Book Diagnostic Tests , home sample collection

The team currently comprises of 30 doctors from around the globe.  Founder and CEO Manish Raikwar(NSIT) is software engineer and Founder Director Dr. Saurabh Sharma is an Ex- Home ministry affairs executive officer.
Nishant Sharma who is the CTO is a graduate from NIT Jaipur and  Rashmi Sharma from the Psychology department health ministry is a member of the core management team.

Free Doctor Helpline aims to provide all health services at your door step at affordable price and in time. The digital nature of the service makes it work beyond geographic boundaries. With a motto of “Doctor Any Time, Any, Where!”, aims to change the current healthcare paradigms and become the World’s prominent and most trusted virtual health care organization by:

  • Providing the highest quality information service for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of human illnesses.
  • Reducing the health information asymmetry by providing patients the information, the choice and the ability to make the right health decisions.
  • Attracting, supporting and accrediting physicians and other health care professionals of the highest calibre and providing them the support structure and amenities to promote widest reach of quality medical care.
  • Continually researching, innovating and developing technological intellectual property and tools towards best possible virtual care for the whole world.

Manish told Knowstartup that the platform has already envisioned its future goals and is keeping no stone unturned to achieve them:

“We will be soon expanding into segments like Ordering medicines online, booking diagnostic tests  including  sample collection from home, pre medical care. We are also looking at expanding Medical tourism services. Most importantly, making doctors available on phone , so that the ones in need are able to consult doctors round the clock and  death rate because of self medication is reduced.”

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