With the ever growing demand for property and the ever increasing population moving to cities for jobs and other career opportunities, one basic requirement that becomes the need of the hour is a property that one can rent. One startup that helps people find their dream home is Rentprop4u.

Rentprop4u is a Bengaluru-based realty start-up offering property management and rental solutions to owners and tenants. They put in their best efforts to provide the customer with a vast choice of properties and have succeeded in doing the same ever since inception.

Founders Rentprop4u

Established in 2016, and founded by Nagaraju M, Ravi M and Asha M, the company currently has 200 plus registered properties. Nagaraju M is the CEO, while Ravi M and Asha M serve as Managing Directors. Home seekers can search and book online from Rentprop4u’s verified listing of properties. In addition to zero brokerage, tenants have the option to pay the security deposit (five-month rent) in three equated monthly instalments (EMIs). The company takes care of all the documentation work and offers assistance with moving and utility connections too. An added advantage is the facility to make rental payments online.

From finding the right tenant and performing a complete background check to offering assured rentals and managing the property, Rentprop4u provides full-service rental and property management for owners. The company helps residents and NRIs to realise the full potential of their real estate investments. Be it a single property or a large portfolio, the company is so confident of its tenant placement services that it guarantees to let out the property in less than 30 days or start paying the rent to the owner within a month.

Rentprop4u currently has 200 plus registered properties and more than 400 users.The startup aims to acquire 3,000 plus properties in the next three years and replicate the model in other south Indian cities as well.

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