CEO & Managing Director of Infosys, Vishal Sikka showcased a futuristic driverless cart at a recent media briefing by the company in Bengaluru. According to sources, the self-driving vehicle was developed at the IT giant’s Mysore campus.

The automatous cart was built to train employees on the latest technological developments in emerging fields like artificial intelligence and machine learning. Vishal Sikka introduced the driverless vehicle to the world in is recent tweet.

The driverless cart is equipped with an array of sensors, programmed to autonomously sense its surrounding. It uses an AI-driven system to navigate without having to rely on a human driver. The vehicle also comes fitted with advanced control features that enable it to identify road signs, traffic signals, and obstacles.

Commenting on the cart’s innovative design, Vishal Sikka stated:

“I drove here to this venue in our own indigenously— built autonomous golf cart. This is a test bed that we have built to train thousands of engineers on autonomous driving technology as we renew our existing services on the basis of these dual forces of automation and innovation.”

The driverless cart is one of Infosys’ many initiatives geared towards exploring new technologies, software and services in a variety of sectors. Infosys has been looking to expand operations in India through the development of new products and services in emerging domains. At the media briefing, Sikka claimed that over 10% of the tech company’s total revenue came from these new products and services in Q1 2017.

The Infosys Innovation Fund was started in 2015 with a corpus of USD 500 Mn earmarked for startups and businesses in the field of technology. In January 2017, the company invested USD 62 Mn from the fund into up-and-coming startups in automation, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and IoT. As per reports, the global driverless car market is expected to cross $65.3 Bn by 2027.  This space is currently dominated by big players like Mercedes-Benz, General Motors, BMW, Toyota, Tesla and others. In recent years, Internet-based companies like Google and Uber have also ventured into the realm of self-driving vehicles.

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