Real estate has become one of the most important factors in any city in the civilized world.  While there are new and upcoming projects all around, when it comes to buying a house one thing that every customer looks forward to is how the property will look once they make it their home. The real estate vendors have all sorts of photoshoped pictures to lure the clients, but what one looks forward to is the experience that they could have if they would get to spend some time at the actual site. To bridge this gap we have MyReelty.

MyReelty  is the premiere source for real estate videos, on or off market, and to search for homes, watch, share and upload your own real estate videos on the worlds largest real estate video library. It is customary to search for homes on other real estate platforms using attractive photos in today’s real estate market, but MyReelty  believes there is a better way. They are completely changing the way potential home buyers search for homes with a growing collection of real estate videos that put a 24 hour open-house experience in the palm of your hands. But MyReelty  is not only for potential home buyers, its a medium where real estate agents and brokerages can upload and clearly curate their listing videos easily and beautifully on a platform primarily for real estate videos and away from the clutter of other video platforms. Its also a great resource for Architects, Builders, Contractors, Interior Designers, Brands and real estate Filmmakers, Photographers and Cinematographers to upload and showcase their latest and greatest completed projects in a way photos fall far short of telling their full stories. Their Map and Search feature allows for the easiest way to locate and view a home without having to make an appointment to see it in person.

Founder MyReelty

MyReelty was founded by Los Angeles real estate developer, film enthusiast and serial entrepreneur Ori Ayonmike. Ayonmike launched MyReelty in January of 2016, when he and his wife decided to put their Hollywood Hills home on the market. They wanted to create a marketing video to promote their home, but quickly realized the sector lacked a central and industry-specific marketplace to find talented photographers or videographers. They spent hours searching on Google for talent, reading reviews on Yelp and watching samples of real estate videos. They figured there had to be a better way to consolidate all of the aspects of this fragmented discipline by creating a single solution that could address their needs. MyReelty was born out of this vision.

Ayonmike’s career as a serial entrepreneur began after he graduated from UCLA with a bachelor’s degree in political science. Following graduation, he launched his first startup: Starkid Inc., a corporate concierge and logistics company he single-handedly grew to hit revenues in excess of $10 million dollars in just three years. A film aficionado, he also veered into entertainment, producing music and films including the $22-million-budget feature “Black November” starring Mickey Rourke, Kim Basinger, Vivica Fox, and hip hop artists Akon and Wyclef. Ayonmike, along with his then-partner Riz Nwosu, co-founded and launched two other apps: AppCurious and Repray, which are available on the app store. He went on to create a groundbreaking, story-driven real estate video that quickly became a classic in real estate circles and started a trend among other agents looking to garner press for their listings. The video, which he wrote, directed and starred in along with his wife, was featured in the Wall Street Journal, the Hollywood Reporter,, Fox 11 New Los Angeles and many other online publications. It won the “Best Listing Video” Award for 2016 by Curbed Magazine.

With these achievements to its credit, MyReelty is sure to become the one stop solution for all your Real Estate related queries.  All you need to do is to book a proffessional for your listing and the professional will be there on the pre-decided date ad time to do the needful. You can then review the content on MyReelty and once convinced download and publish it. You can share the video through various social media channels. All you real estate requirements just at the click of a button. MyReelty will soon be the future go-to place for all real estate related queries.

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