We all, almost every other day plan for a trip with friends or family, but most of these plans bite the dust because no one wants to bear the headache of planning the itinerary for the same. But you now have Scoutmytrip to the rescue! ScoutMyTrip works as a Do It Yourself road trip platform where any user can plan a road trip from anywhere to anywhere in India. The help you create an itinerary that gives all the details you will need during your trip. Using the platform, you can explore the country even better that you imagined. One can scout for, multiple routes, halts, over 12,000 points of interest, fuel-stations, toilets along the way,
hotels and pick from ready-made road trips
that have been planned by others. Isn’t that a relief !

Based out of Mumbai, ScoutMyTrip was founded in 2016 by Deepak and Vineet. There are 8 team members who are making this cool site help people get out there without any hassles.  Deepak the CEO at ScoutMyTrip, is a payments professional with an experience of more than a decade. He has been involved in the sales and marketing as well as leadership roles in organizations like Tata Communications Ltd and Verifone Limited. A traveller at heart, Deepak’s has fond memories of his earliest road trips were with his dad in the trusty old Ambassador. He now  rides a Royal Enfield 500cc bike, whom he calls Theia. His best trip being the one from  Shillong from Mumbai and back, had him cover over 5000 kilometres in 15 days.

(L-R) Deepak Ananth, Vineet Rajan.

Vineet is the CMO at ScoutMyTrip, which is his second venture after IndiBlogger which he co-founded in 2007. A full stack marketer with a rich content marketing background and an avid traveler. Vineet is also a volunteer and moderator of the biggest Royal Enfield community in the world. Vineet too rides the Royal Enfield who he fondly calls Laetitia. One of his fondest rides is the ride back to Mumbai from Leh, 3200 kms in 6 days.

ScoutMyTrip is India’s Premier do-it-yourself platform for road trips. Created to facilitate and help travellers get organized, share their trips, they have already helped users create over 1000 trips and have community curated and aggregated list of over 12,000 places of interest. Apart from this you can interact with members of the very active travel community and get inputs about the routes that you plan and get up to date information about various facets of your travel. So, from road conditions to your stay, ScoutMyTrip has you completely covered. The startup claims that it has more than 20,000 registered users, and  1000 + Trips completed with  12,000 places of Interest marked.

Vineet tells Knowstartup:

“The core message and the need for such a platform is to help the traveler collect as much information as possible in one place so that they can plan their travel better, removing uncertainties and allowing them to enjoy their holidays!”

Deepak talked to us about the future plans of the startup:

“We plan to expand operations to outside India in the very near future. We are ready with the blue print to try newer markets and see how we can contribute to the road trip eco system in any way we can. Our first milestone is to reach a million users and seeing the current traction, we hope to get there in the next 9 months to a year. Our aspiration is to be the platform of choice for the user when they want to plan any holiday that has any element of road travel involved.

Pic Courtesy :Craftionary

Pic Courtesy :Craftionary

The founds claim that the USP of the platform are :

  • It’s an anywhere to anywhere planner. Not curated trips
  • The site is free for use for consumers and the company’s revenue streams include affiliate income from stays, car rentals, tour operators and roadside assistance. Besides, it also earns from brand campaigns and customised road-travel planning for corporates and individuals. ScoutMyTrip.com has already tied up with Oyo Rooms & Kotak Bank for multiple brand campaigns
  • This allows you to plan your trip no matter who’s accompanying you – be it elderly parents or college mates or school friends.

ScoutMyTrip was selected amongst the top 13 start-ups in India by Z Nation Labs, a Silicon Valley initiated accelerator program for its boot-camp connecting them with the best in the start-up and investor community globally. With about 60% of trips being road trips in India, which is the target audience for ScoutMyTrip, the startup is making its mark and it surely has way to go!

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