One of the oldest passions known to humans has been sports, one always loves to be associated with sports but at times although you want a gear from your favourite sport but you don’t necessarily want to own it. One startup that has understood this fact and has been working towards this is Sportsadda.

Founder Sportsadda

Gurgaon based Sportsadda was founded by Vishwam Singhal,a mechanical engineering graduate from Chandigarh. Vishwam like any other aspiring graduate had landed a job in January 2016. While he was still exploring his skills in the field of Sales and Marketing he quit the job in 3 months and started off with his own venture Roastnow with the help of two of his college mates. Vishwam’s first startup did not do too well in the market but he did not give up on his dreams of becoming a successful entrepreneur. He launched another startup within 4 months and came to be known as Sportsadda. He now manages operations,sales,marketing,accounts,product procurement and all that what it takes to run a company for Sportsadda. They currently have a team size of 6.

“Sportsadda” is the very first Indian online sports rental platform. Born in May,2017 with one clear vision that money should not hold people from enjoying the extravagant equipments which are provided to their clients at affordable rates with exclusive packages. From cricket kits to play stations to camera all the fancy products at your doorstep, only at a fraction of their retail price, making it profitable to the customers. With” Sportsadda “in the picture, unveiling the trails of the clear lakes and rivers, the beauty and the mystery of the land of hiking and camping, all equipped for the journey, without having to worry about the maintenance of the products. The team, at ”Sportsadda” comes with a mission of providing Sports, Travelling and Gaming enthusiasts with gadgets to fulfil the need of the hour. They exist to perform and give their clients the best and accessible deals and to grow their market reaching out to a larger audience for the amplification of their customer base, providing them with speedy shipping, responding to their queries. Placing orders, which offer the purchasers a wide range of suitable and optimal deals to be chosen according to the demands, only after which, the required documents shall be authenticated, looking up to the easy accessible terms and conditions for the product desired.

Sportsadda looks forward to launch its operations in three more cities,viz,Bangalore,Mumbai and Hyderabad by the end of this financial year.

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