In this age of cut-throat competition and constant movement, one thing that remains constant is- you need to set up your home each time you move to a new location. But, not anymore! because VOKO has entered this spot and has become the most reliable one stop rental destination in Delhi and Gurgaon.

Founders- VOKO

VOKO understands how difficult it is for professionals and students to adjust in a new city, rest of all, find the time and patience for buying furniture, appliances and lifestyle needs. So they are, bringing you all these under one roof – VOKO. Not just that, they even rent out lifestyle goods based on your needs for the duration of time you want, at the place you are without any hassles and long, tiring procedures. So now, travel light and live to the fullest with VOKO at your service.

Founded by Harsh Vardhan Singh and Bhuvnesh Sharma in the year 2015, VOKO provides a hassle free renting service at affordable prices. VOKO is based out of Delhi NCR and provides a wide range of products such as home appliances, furniture, adventure and fitness products etc. The process of renting on VOKO is as smooth as skimming a layer of cream. Just log into VOKO, chose what to rent (or VOKO), enter your credentials, pay and checkout. And for the rest, VOKO is delighted to be at your service. VOKO currently has a team of 15 strong and tough soldiers.

The team is now tweaking up their website for its launch in a couple of weeks, which will be coming out with features like Social media plugin, payment gateway, pre-booking etc. They are also working towards the launch of new categories i.e Cameras, adventure gear and fitness equipments to serve their customers in a better way.

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