With the ever increasing number of online and e-commerce shopping portals, one always looks forward to places where we can find the best deals for our online shopping spree. The one stop solution to all your queries is MyTokri.

MyTokri is one of the top online shopping deals portals in India. They provide some of the hottest selling merchandise and render tempting and cash efficient deals on the same. They procure thousands of deals with roughly over 200 retail merchants to furnish some of the best shopping plans each day. The deals on display are at par with the GOSF-Great Online Shopping Festival. They go that extra mile to get their customers, the best “Value for Money” offer. They take their customer satisfaction and retention policy very seriously and that’s what keeps their team up and moving.

Founded by Saurabh Gupta and Akash Bhargava, MyTokri started as a small entrepreneurial venture on 16th December 2012, engineered by a small team of dedicated young entrepreneurs. Today, they are a big and growing enterprise with their feet firmly placed in the top online deals ventures. They may be growing but the core ethic remains the same. The zeal to put up best deals is still the premier part of their business plan.

They currently have 20 team members, Including Founders as Akash Bhargava who has 3+ year of global experience with Samsung where he used to contribute towards the execution of technical and business analytic approach and Saurabh Gupta is an MCA from Amity University with 6+year experience in operation and is taking care of strategic planning and business development.

MyTokri lists deals that are conducive to their customers which in turn help us retain a long term relationship with them. Their customer satisfaction meter is high and they are obligated to maintain that.

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