For each and every business out there, the need of the hour is to get your product to the end user or the customer. And the most crucial and pivotal role played in this scenario is the one by any business’ logistics partner. Hence, for an easy and seamless logistic experience the go to startup is GoBOLT.

GoBOLT is a tech-logistics company serving the express logistics needs of industries, enabling our operations through intensive use of technology and disruptive business processes. They focus on continued improvement in asset rotation, technology advancements and structural reduction of cost.

Founder GoBOLT

Founded by Sumit Sharma, Parag Aggarwal, Naitik Baghla and Yogendar Verma in the year 2015, GoBOLT is based out of Delhi. Sumit leads Finance, Compliance/Legal, Business Development and Marketing/Branding for the company. Parag leads the Operations Management at GoBOLT.  Naitik has wide experience across different verticals of Supply Chain like Planning, Primary logistics, Procurement and Manufacturing Strategy. Yogender has the innovative bent of mind and works towards product enhancement.

GoBOLT is the first logistic company to leverage market place trucks for express ecommerce deliveries. Also, by adopting the benchmark practices and extensive use of technology, they aim at enhancing service levels and/or reducing costs / removing inefficiencies in the Indian logistics sector. They strive to achieve regular & efficient asset-rotation of all their vehicles and have managed to ensure 20-22 hrs of driving time per day/vehicle in the following ways:
Benchmark Practices:
i) Double-Driver Model: Deploying two drivers on our express lane vehicles.
ii) Hub-Relay Model: By creating Hubs at a quantum of 250-300 kms on the express lanes and shuttling a driver exclusively between 2 hubs.

GoBOLT provides Holistic Transportation solutions to clients from Design to deliver which includes – Right vehicle selection, route/delivery planning, real time tracking, reliable documentation & control and high levels of service in express movements.

The Company plans to expand their footprint on eastern lanes in ecommerce & non- commerce sectors. Our expected Annualized Revenues this year is around 10-15 times than previous year, and the same we plan to expand by 5-10 times by the next year. Also we are planning to raise the next round of funding in the coming 6-months to fuel expansion further. Also, by Q2 2017-18, we plan to enter part load Business Market on some innovative operating methods. The raised funds will be predominantly used in technology (owned & market place), building team & expanding operations.

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