We have seen various aspects of crowd funding in the past which involved funding startups and building businesses. One major aspect where crowdfunding has brought in a major difference is in the initiatives related to social empowerment. It is this very initiative which Ketto has made the core of its business.

Ketto is a Mumbai based crowd-funding platform focusing on Social Domain along with Creative domain and Personal. Though their sole objective in the beginning was to work closely in Social, Development space and assist NGO’s to raise funds in a far more transparent, engaging and cost effective manner. Today, Ketto is one of the robust and dynamic technology platform that could be used by NGO’s not only to raise funds but also to maintain donor relations in a far more effective manner.

Founders Ketto

Founded by Varun Seth, Zaheer Adenwala and Kunal Kapoor in the year 2012, Ketto is based out of Mumbai. Varun is the Founder and CEO of Ketto and has a background in finance and a foregrounding in genius. He was born and brought up in Mumbai; did his schooling in Jamnabai Narsee School and college in Narsee Monjee. Having always been interested in the financial sector, he went on to do a couple of financial programs that included chartered financial analyst (CFA) and financial risk management (FRM). Today, he is counted among 30 under 30 Forbes, NGO & Social Enterprise. Zaheer Adenwala is the high-tech Co-Founder and CTO of Ketto. Being a mechanical engineer from Drexel University, Philadelphia, he moved back to Mumbai in 2008 and started his career as a Product Manager with Affinity, a digital ad network. There he worked on multiple consumer facing properties as well as internal products. The master of cool energy joined Ketto in 2013 and lead technology, building the Ketto 2.0 platform, often working after hours and hours with no breaks. Kunal Kapoor is a film and theater actor by profession achieving many successes till date including Rang De Basanti, Aja Nachle etc. He’s also super clever and has a heart of pure, sunshiny gold which landed him into social work. Mostly, known to be a tech geek, he co-founded Ketto, which raises money for social and individual causes. Till date, the platform has raised close to 400 million rupees. He has been a constant support to the Martyr Army Campaign called- “Support Soldier”.

Ketto team consist of Founder, Co-Founder, Campaign Managers, Teach Team,Finance, HR, Marketing and PR team. In total more than 35 employees are working with Ketto to re-define the concept of crowdfunding in India. Ketto is all about empowerment of the people. It aims to mobilise the online community. It multiplies the efforts of change-makers and campaigners of social causes, creative projects and entrepreneurial ideas. Ketto makes online giving and fundraising easy and safe. It enables non-profits to widen their reach and increase effectiveness, while empowering individuals to be change-makers. It allows creative ideas to take flight and helps entrepreneurial ventures gather support.

With its strong celebrity support, Ketto aims to connect individuals and brands with fundraisers, increasing awareness for various causes – social, personal, creative and entrepreneurial. Ketto aims to be the premier crowdfunding platform that empowers the crowd to fund and raise funds for their favourite causes, creative projects and entrepreneurial ideas using social media and e-commerce.

The plan for Ketto’s future is to make it a one-stop solution for every individual who is looking to give back. They intend to partner with large organizations and are looking at working with them to help channel their Corporate Social Responsibility funds in the right direction. They will apply the learning they get through campaigns to better the platform and make the concept of crowd funding more popular. Their aim to let people know that every time there’s a financial need, they must know there’s a very easy, cost-efficient and a transparent platform they can go ahead with – Ketto.

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