For many of us, health and healthcare appear very complex to understand. Things become more difficult when it comes to navigating the system while availing healthcare services. We need information at every step in order to understand things but we find it very hard to get that information. Thus many of us find it very hard to make our healthcare decision. Out of the many gaps in healthcare, one of the biggest gaps is the Information gap. To solve this problem, Hinfoways has set up a startup that caters to all your healthcare needs.

Founder Hinfoways

Hinfoways Healthcare Pvt. Ltd, an online healthcare company based in Bangalore, India is working towards developing a web platform, Hinfoshare, to bridge the health information gap using content and technology. Hinfoshare will help healthcare providers to access and share health content with their patients in order to educate, engage and empower them. The startup was founded by Suhas MV and Sandeep Shetty in order to make healthcare accessible to all.

Hinfoways, through its health information platform Hinfoshare, aims to improve the quality of healthcare by addressing these problems, saving not only time and money, but also enabling doctors to educate and counsel their patients. The web platform, accessible via smartphones as well as PCs, allows doctors and medical practitioners across the world to make crucial and relevant healthcare information available to their patients anytime, anywhere. Hinfoshare has been designed to allow clinical experts to contribute and share pertinent content with their patients, providing them with verified, affordable and in-depth information about their medical condition and the treatment procedures involved. Doctors can answer patients’ questions, share diagnosis, and suggest postoperative care, among other things, irrespective of the patient’s location or timezone. By leveraging the information provided by treating doctors, healthcare consumers can understand their symptoms clearly, make informed decisions, and stay actively involved in the treatment process.

The team at Hinfoways is creating lots and lots of valuable and easily understandable content and a platform so that the people around the world can access such content with their smartphones or computers connected to internet. This will empower people take more informed healthcare decisions.

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