Higher studies a pivotal for any individual to carve a niche for themselves in the world and what makes the ride smoother is a place to which you can come back to after a tiring day. Placio has understood this very well and has put into place an arrangement to get this fixed.


Placio works strategically and builds its network of properties around Universities to provide modern infrastructure for student housing. The company focuses on clean, hygienic, and secure set up for students with provisions for both community based and independent living. The properties are equipped with modern infrastructure facilities of boarding and lodging including food, security, air-conditioning, internet, and house-keeping, besides provisions for health and fitness.

Founder Placio

Incorporated in March 2016 and headquartered at Noida in Uttar Pradesh, Rental Stay Private Limited or brand name Placio is a fastest growing branded student housing facilities near universities and colleges in India. Placio has been co-founded by three professionals with extensive corporate work experience. While, Rohit Pateria, a Chartered Accountant, is the chief executive officer, Ankush Arora, a post graduate in hospitalities is the chief business officer, and Atul Singh, a BTECH from IIT Roorkey and MBA from IIM Ahmedabad acts as the chief operational officer. The Amity Innovation Incubator incubated company has recently launched off campus student housing for Amity University with 1000 units or beds capacity near Amity University campus at Noida.

Placio is using technology as an enabler to render services in most efficient and seamless manner which includes both customer relationship management (CRM) and property management platform. While a student can book a room or bed online by paying a token amount for the session on the company’s website by logging through one’s Facebook or Linkedin account. The website showcases property pages with full description of the chosen property, its amenities, pricing, distance to nearest hospitals, markets, police station, bus stand, railway station, and airport, and rules of living and payment, among others. Additionally, through the registration section, one can sign up to create one’s profile and upload identity card and Aadhar card for verification. The company would soon launch its mobile application with integrated CRM, which would facilitate the resident student to lodge complaint regarding any services/maintenance, interact with customer care executive, besides sharing feedback about the quality of services.

Prioritizing personal safety in any real life situation, especially when students are away from parental help, Placio is working on a 24X7 student emergency helpline in collaboration with 24Response.com, India’s 1st on demand safety service provider, and provides quick response and immediate assistance to the users. The smart phone app would track the resident’s location and connect him/her with the 24Response command and control centre besides sending an alert to the nearest team for assistance. Similarly, Placio understands the various concerns of the parents when young children are away from themselves, especially for the first time, and is launching a ‘parent helpline’ through which they can know about their child’s wellbeing in case they want to get them connected through Placio. Dedicated community manager would keep in touch with the residents and help in case of any distress or difficulty. Parents could have direct connection with the community manager to know anything about their child.

While there are a lot of PGs and private accommodations around, but Placio living is about happy living. Placio properties provide a diverse range in menu to suit the food habits and nutrition needs of students coming from different part of India and abroad. The company would also allow residents to make their own menu in consultation among themselves. The recreation aspects have been especially taken care of with cable television and sport lounge where students can play several indoor games like Pool, Table Tennis, and Fook Ball. Keeping in mind that health and fitness is a prime concern for youngsters these days, some Placio properties have an in-house Gymnasium. Placio also focuses on other vital aspects of student’s life like adjustment to a new place, performance in studies, home sickness, and exam time stress, among others, and plans to provide mentor-ship or consultation services as per the need.

The company incorporated in 2016 is disrupting the student housing services sector in India with its first set of properties at Noida. In its next phase of expansion, Placio aims to bring similar network of properties to other cities including Gurgaon, Lucknow, Jaipur, Ghaziabad, Pune known for leading educational institutions, where a significant number of students come for studies. We can easily say that with Placio around the boarding concerns of thousands of children will be over soon.

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