Among all the inevitable things that a corporate life brings in for an employee, one that is of paramount importance and most time consuming are meetings. Researches prove that one spends around 40-60% of one’s work time in meetings. It will be 35% of your work time if you are a middle manager and 50% if you are upper management. One startup that has understood this pain point and has developed a solution for this is StandUpMeet.

StandUpMeet aims at making your stand-up meetings more productive, agile and stop worrying about having to spend time capturing and documenting minutes of the meeting. With StandUpMeet you don’t need to write minutes of the meeting because all your run time audio discussion will convert to text in a systematic way in form of key points, decisions and action plans. You can create your meeting with specific organizations, projects,sub-projects,release,sprint and other related work. You can customize the duration and location of meetings. You can set agendas and time limit for each agenda and simplify meeting minutes.

Founder- StandUpMeet

More than $37 billion per year are being spent on unproductive meetings and these Unproductive meeting actually wastes collective 15% of organization time. To solve this problem, we have developed which is sister company of Agilean Solutions.

Founded in 2016 by Sarma BKP, StandUpMeet is based out of Bangalore. Mr Sarma has more than 17 years of IT-Technology experience in top class MNCs and dealing with IT Infrastructure, Networking, Data Centers, Cloud Computing Services and Analytics and that gave him proper backing to start His team has an exhaustive work experience in top class MNCs with cutting edge technology.

StandUpMeet is planning to leverage the Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Understanding technologies to make 100 % automation of stand-up meetings.

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