There’s nothing like a fresh coat of paint to transform a space. But it is definitely very difficult to find a painter who can paint your space with precision and beauty. Well the wait is now over, because Yes Painter is here to provide a one stop solution for all your painting needs.

Founder Yes Painter

Yes Painter believes that all the spaces deserve to be beautiful. By adding colours that not only suit your mood but also reflect your personality, they give your space a beautiful makeover. They are in the business of creating beautiful and creative homes and commercial spaces. Not just that they even have facility to paint vehicles and all the things which need a beauty makeover using colours. They make it simple through online booking and payment options. Throughout the process, professional house painters and their excellent customer service team is there to help make all your colouring dreams come true.

The startup is based out of Bangalore and was founded in the year 2017 by Rup Kumar Sarmah who hails from Assam. He has studied B. Tech Mechanical from SSN Engineering College, Chennai and has previously worked for Real Estate company as Marketing & Operation head for more than 3 years in Bangalore. Their startup currently consists of three managers and eight painters. Through this venture they are trying to create a skilled work force of painters and create tons of jobs. They are doing it and growing so far. They are also helping people to choose right colours, paint design etc with the help of many different tools like virtual painting and more.

So far they have provided their services to 78 customers with a 100% satisfaction rate. They aim to on-board  50 painters and 10 managers with an aim of expanding to 5 cities within next 6-9 months. In the long run they wish to be the market leaders for house painting services in India. They are also looking ahead to gradually move to the fields like interior design, home automation, IoT and probably paint manufacture in the days to come.

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