We all are well versed with the terms like financial planning, wealth management, investment, so on and so forth. But what not many of us know is how to do it with ease. Although we are very well aware that these investments are important and inevitable, what most of us don’t know is how to go about these investments. One startup that has understood this pain point and is working towards making financial decisions a cake walk for its customers is Happyness Factory.

Founder – Happyness Factory

Founded in 2016 and with presence in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore, Happyness Factory is the brainchild of Amar Pandit. Amar is an electronics engineer, who started working with TCS. Later he moved to the US, post TCS, and started working with Infrasoft Technologies – a banking and financial software firm, he knew his true calling was finance. When he was leaving the firm, he did a lot of introspection as to the life and career that he wanted and the only thing that I could think about was financial planning. Early 2005, he established My financial Advisor in India www.myfinad.com in his apartment with a clear vision to reduce the risk and ensure strategic asset allocation when everyone else was touting for returns. However at that point, market and property prices were going up. It was believed that in good times, you don’t need an advisor. However, he didn’t give up at that point. He wrote multiple columns and books which received great feedback from across the globe. Finally, in April 2016, Amar co- founded happydemic.com with Mrs. Radhika Mukherji, wife of singer Shaan to bring a musical revolution that spreads happiness in the lives of artists and customers. Happydemic is a world class effort of love and passion (both online and offline) to bring Live performances to your doorstep at an affordable price. It is a company started by Mrs. Radhika Mukherji, wife of singer Shaan & Amar Pandit, Managing Director of My Financial Advisor & Happiness Factory. They are live entertainment specialists and cater to all categories & genres of music. The artists on our platform are extremely talented, most are contestants, finalists and winners of reality shows like The Voice, The Stage, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, India Idol etc.

Happyness Factory, is based on the philosophy that most people today just want to know one simple thing “Am I doing ok?” However what is thrown at them is Large Cap, Mid Cap, Benchmark, Products, Returns and so on. Over an individual’s lifetime, there will be good times and some bad times. The challenge is to do well in bad times as in good times everyone does well. The only way to achieve this is to manage your risk and focus on things that you can control- “Your Goals”. The purpose of our life is to live a life of purpose and thus it is very important for every family to set goals. With a goal-oriented approach, Happyness Factory wants their clients to find their happiness by taking purposeful financial decisions.

No advice is given without setting any goals and the most important part is that Happyness Factory ensures that families are able to stick to their goals and achieve them. Every family has a financial coach (who is like your accountability coach and does not change every two years or so.). Hence their process is completely induced and driven by emotions and the personalization that is required for every family.

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