When was the last time you opened a real estate listing site and found so many fake listings? When was the last time you have to deal with multiple landlords/brokers for finding your home? When was the last time you have to struggle a lot for getting all things after getting a home? When was the last time you had a fight with your landlord for your security money/other issues? Well all these are issues that everyone living away from home and trying to have their own private space can relate to. It is these pain areas that led to the creation of the innovative startup FlatHood.

FlatHood is a startup that is trying hard to create the future of real estate rental and making it an on demand service with other Value Added Services. For years, people are finding rooms through online listing portals. But once you’ve found your prospective rental, the process quickly moves off-line. The real problem starts after finding home through that lisiting. A majority of home seekers have to go through multiple fake lisitngs put on website by brokers. Morever negotiating the price is also a problem as the price listed on website is always an inflated one. FlatHood’s sole aim is to make real estate a real-time phenomenon with complete trust and transparency.

Founders- FlatHood

Founded in 2015 by Atur Agrawal, Piyush Gupta, Dipankar Arhat and Sitanshu Gupta, FlatHood is based out of New Delhi. They currently have a team of 14 people. We have 2 offices, one in Delhi and another one in Gurgaon, with an objective to seamlessly connect these two worlds – the old fashioned real estate market made up of landlords who are uncertain about new technology and the current generation of tenants that are all mobile-first.

FlatHood’s aim is to make Home Renting a very easy process so that users can stop looking for a home before one month. They claim to help you find a house in one day with a 10 days move-in guarantee. Their listings are bachelor and couple friendly. Not just that, they even provide micro loan for paying rent and security at the time of move-in and for monthly expenses.

Team FlatHood

Getting a home in India is still a very tedious Job. There may be many listing sites but the actual problem is offline. There are many problems which have to be solved on the ground level if we have to make “getting a home” process very easy for the next-gen India. So, FlatHood’s USP is that apart from a tech presence, they have a well optimized offline presence everywhere to make the home renting a one day process which is slightly tough given the fragmented nature of the real estate market, but they are solving this problem day by day with a better unit economics.

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