Across the world there are more than 190 tourist destinations but because of the limited information that we have, we end up being limited to just a handful of them. Most often than not, travelers are unaware of many countries/cities that fall into their genre of travel, which they could catch a glimpse of. This is where your new travel buddy Taxidio comes in.

Taxidio enables you to select your travel parameters, on the basis of which they run a search query and enlist all the destination recommendations generated by their mammoth database.But if you’re among those who already know where they want to go, all you have to do is feed in your destination, fine-tune your travel requirements with a quick selection of parameters and let Taxidio take care of the rest. Once you define the parameters of your trip, the Taxidio team steps into your shoes and accumulates the best results based on your travel preferences.

Founder Taxidio

Taxidio is a global DIY trip planner that acts as a one-stop-shop for the different aspects of travel such as destination selection, itinerary creation, travel guides, and hotel and attraction bookings. Mumbai based Taxidio was incorporated in 2015 by co-founders Vishal Kejariwal and Abhas Desai with an aim to cater to the entire value chain of a traveller’s requirement. Taxidio offers a unique service of recommending holiday destinations that are best-suited to the user’s travel preferences and further simplifies the tedious process of trip planning with
its various features. Taxidio is recognised as a Startup by the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion,
Government of India. The company also has a copyright for its concept from the Government of India.

Vishal Kejariwal, CEO and Co-founder of Taxidio, while talking about the startup mentioned,

“Trip planning cannot be a one-size-fits-all phenomenon. Since each traveller has their own
unique preferences, we have introduced a platform that is responsive to varied degrees of
customisation at every stage. From a fully editable itinerary to a personalised dashboard with
on-the-go news and weather updates, we aim to make the user experience as simplified and
seamless as possible”

Adding to his views, Abhas Desai, the CTO and co-founder of Taxidio mentioned,

“Since the tourism sector is rapidly moving to an online space, technology is replacing the role
of offline agents. Despite personalisation being the buzzword in the industry today, there is a
lack of tailored content and flexibility for travellers. We try to fix these loopholes and make
travel planning more customer-oriented and user-friendly”

The team consists of 2 dynamic co-founders and 6 think tanks with an average age of 22 years. The fresh energy and new-age approach of the young minds are what makes Taxidio a powerhouse of innovation that is capable of transforming a travel sector.

Travel planning can be a very daunting task and Taxidio adds method to the madness by automating the process to create travel guides that are tailored to your needs. As you align your travel parameters, in a matter of a few clicks, they craft out the ideal itinerary for you and you can enjoy your trip without any hassles.

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