The four wheeler market in India has seen a great upward trend in the past few years. And with this the demand for luxury or premium cars has also gone up. The car lovers have always wanted a one stop solution where they can buy or sell their premium vehicles. One startup that has understood this gap and has found a solution for the same is

Founder is India’s first professional classifieds dedicated to premium used vehicles which helps you in selling or buying premium cars and bikes on a top quality assisted platform where in you just have to give them a call or leave a message and they take over the entire process of sale or purchase of your vehicle from there. No provision of numbers to public online platforms and no headache of dealing with multiple brokers, no uploading non standardized pictures. All your hassles will be handled by

Founded in 2015, is based out of New Delhi. The startup was founded by Arjun Singh Rajput who is  a graduate from Delhi University. He has previously worked with multiple auto news websites like and has been working since second year of his college. In the third year of college he got associated with Delhi’s Supercar Club called the CannonBall Club and since then has been handling operations, photography and events for the Club for the last 7 years and identified major gaps in how cars are traded while helping club members trade their cars. Then he created which is more active on instagram and now help people trade their high end cars/supercars professionally.

As on today they have more than 300 client interactions through social media and have already sold more than 30 cars with great customer satisfaction. The startup in its days ahead wants to expand into multi-state professional used vehicle trading platform with both on and off site presence.

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