Education is the most important foundation on which the future of every child lies. In today’s world of tremendous competition and rat race what most of the educational institutions lack is the holistic approach to teaching students. Conceptual learning is most important and effective learning form and the educational startup Gyanpro is doing an excellent job in providing that missing part of learning.

Gyanpro provides the missing practical half of the scientific education to children of age 05 to 14 years. The team believes in developing a well-rounded mind through a creative learning experience using various mediums such as laboratory projects, nature explorations, hands-on-activities, science expeditions and science workshops.
Too often the art of science is missed out in the heavy details of concepts. Hence, at Gyanpro, their goal is to renew and refresh the young minds of today so that they can delve into the world of Science.

Founder Gyanpro

Founded by Dr Supreeth Kittenkere in the year 2014, Gyanpro is based out of Bangalore. Supreeth Kittenkere is a Molecular Pharmacologist by Education. To pursue his passion towards science Gyanpro came into existence. The team at Gyanpro is a highly motivated team comprising of Tech and Marketing dedicated towards achieving the goals . Comprising of different age groups and with Diverse educational background and knowledge.

Gyanpro activities simplify the concepts of science .Gyanpro provides self learning aid, and teaching to help kids acquaint themselves to the concepts of science through fun filled activities. Each activity comes in a kit. The kit comprises of 4-5 activities with one take away project, which enables them to fully appreciate the simplicity of the concepts. The subscription for the kit comes at affordable prices, catering to the k-12 needs and standards.

Gyanpro is driven by the belief that science is curious consciousness that forces one to re-analyze things that might seem routine to us. Hence, they kindle the child’s imagination by making them question day-today activities in turn increase the reasoning skills. The Gyanpro family firmly relies on the fact that only by asking questions will one find an answer. Hence, they strive to inculcate the “ask-questions” habit in kids, so as to let them explore and understand the basic underlying concepts of science.

Gyanpro has its own Youtube channel. Gyanpro has plans to come up with a subscription box for academic and beyond academic programs for CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE,and IB syllabus in schools in INDIA . Initially Gyanpro was a pioneer in services and now Gyanpro has plans to enter product based market in future by designing and devising learning aids for kids. Gyanpro believes in developing a well-rounded mind through a creative learning experience like STEM Edu,Hands-on-activities,Science expeditions & Workshops.

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