Digital workplaces have become order of the in today’s world. While we are all busy with our unique startup stories and startup experiences, one thing that remains to be ventured greatly is the use of Intranet in Digital Workplaces. The startup that is on a mission to make intranet central to the Digital Workplace strategy is Hubfly.

Hubfly provides a Digital Workplace enabling Intranet solution that comes integrated with a suite of proprietary business productivity apps to automate business processes such as holiday requests, service requests, project time sheets, booking of meeting rooms and asset management among others. It is a ‘Plug-and-Play’ solution deployed on SharePoint/ Office 365 as a SaaS model, obviating the need to create an intranet from scratch. With Hubfly, business enterprises can enjoy a ‘dynamic’ intranet experience and a complete content management system wherein users do not need to know how to work on SharePoint in order to add engaging content. The communication and collaboration tools are aimed at enhancing workforce productivity and helping organizations to become more agile through time and cost savings.

Founder Hubfly

This innovative business idea is the brainchild of Suprej Venkat. Suprej has a healthy obsession with all things digital. A tech entrepreneur, Suprej earned his stripes as a .Net/SharePoint consultant for over seven years working in organizations such as Accenture, easyJet and Edenbrook before commencing his entrepreneurial journey as the Founder and CEO of Webtek Solutions Ltd, a UK based Microsoft gold partner with a delivery center in India in 2007. Post its merger with UK based tech company Slicedbread in 2012, he headed the Indian Division of Slicedbread until 2014 growing the team from 20 to 50+ skilled SharePoint and .Net developers.

Suprej discovered his skill of developing intrapreneurs while continuing to serve as a partner at Impiger Technologies since 2015, helping the organization stamp its leadership in the Mobile and Cloud space serving customers across US, UK, UAE, Uganda and India.In August 2016, he decided to channelize his passion for SharePoint and Digital Workplaces into an ambitious Collabtech venture – Hubfly – that is on a mission to make the intranet relevant again for business enterprises.

Hubfly Team is an eclectic bunch of forward thinkers, creators and explorers. As much as they are primed to deliver a great intranet experience they are equally passionate in articulating their passion for SharePoint and analyzing Digital Workplace trends. Hubfly is on a mission to make the Intranet relevant to business organizations and making it central to their Digital Workplace strategy. As a product, Hubfly offers more than just an intranet solution that leverages the collaborative power of SharePoint. What distinguishes Hubfly’s solution from other competing intranet solutions is that it comes integrated with proprietary business productivity apps and workflow automation tools.

With Hubfly, business enterprises can give their workforce a full blown ready-to-use digital workplace deployed within a matter of a few hours. This will be an ‘Evergreen Intranet’ which is synced up with all technology updates from Office 365 and having a user interface that is customized to each user’s preference. Hubfly will soon be working on a premium edition of its intranet solution that will empower every user with an Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered personal assistant. In this regard, Hubfly will be working with LUIS.AI and Microsoft Cognitive Services.

Hubfly endeavors to be the preferred productivity partner for global business enterprises in the future and will be looking to introduce more business productivity apps and automated workflow solutions on a periodic basis to deliver a superior intranet experience to its users.

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