One thing that has let humans be on the pinnacle of the pyramid is their endless quest for knowledge and learning. This yearning for improving life around them has helped them stand ahead of the other animals around. Be it the cave men or the modern human beings, the one thing that has helped humans reach where they are their curiosity and learning capacity. One startup that has taken the initiative to take this further ahead through its machine learning inventions is Articbot.

Articbot is the most intelligent chatbot in the industry and is working tirelessly at taking out the pain point of 24*7 customer support. Articbot is a machine learning-driven virtual assistant chatbot for enterprises that can be used for smart and intelligent customer engagement. Articbot will be the first ever virtual assistant that can analyse 100+ language for better customer support and comes with a pre trained industry knowledge. Articbot virtual agent is a new and smart way to produce automated assistance to customers. It offers conversational and text based self service experience to customers. It is very easy to customise your articbot virtual agent to fit your business requirement to your existing website.

Kannur based Articbot is the brainchild of two college friends Rahul VP and

Founders Articbot

Rijin Ramesh. Articbot is designed and developed with its artificial semantic brain. Analysing most of the complex questions and finding more possible answers for the customers, its intelligent brain consists of several core section and libraries that analysing word by word in a customer query through deep semantic engine so any typing error or short words doesn’t matter here. They have trained it with most common questions that will treat a customer in a fashion similar to a human agent. They currently offer virtual customer agent to six sectors including banking and finance, Insurance, healthcare, Education,Retail and Logistics.

Their team currently comprises of eight members including the founders. They are currently working on B2B model and  have 20+ customers including a major hospitality center from middle east, currently. This amazing offering coupled with AI and machine learning makes Articbot a highly efficient virtual assistant that can revolutionize the customer interaction metrics. Their future aims include  implementing a hassle free customer support and ticking system to make the customer support sector amazing.

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