Technology has touched every facet of our lives today, and what is the most important part is that more than actual conversations we have adopted to digital conversations. The advantage is that it is faster and feasible to communicate in this way, however, the bad part is that chatting and other digital conversation forms lack the personal touch and feel. One startup that has made it their core business to make conversations more personal, playful and expressive and the name is Xpresso designed by Mobigraph.

XPRESSO is designed with the purpose of “personalized expression”, to make conversations Personal, Expressive and Playful. Users get to personalize a 3d avatar to create their virtual look-alike by choosing from a wide range of features, accessories, outfits, and colors. Once they create an avatar that reflects their personality, they can see hundreds of animojis with their avatar. These animojis embody both facial expression and body language, which are designed and executed in a 3-dimensional space making them closer to real life. Every animation is themed for its emotions, like the background, text, font colors and text animations. User can enter their own text and magically make these animojis, which is the one of the USPs of XPRESSO. A user can share these animoji GIFs on any platform as they like. Their recent Super Hero outfits was a runaway success, where users were unlocked one super hero costume on each day and it increased the engagement by 20% .Their innovation is powered by Cloud APIs and can be integrated to any other app/product that needs emotional bonding and engagement.

Team Xpresso

Founded in 2012 an based out of Bangalore, Xpresso is the brainchild of Uday Kadirvel (CEO) , Siddhartha Vinnakote(CTO) , Subrahmanyam A S Product Head) & Sujith Kumar C R (Biz Dev & Partnerships) who are Ex-Samsung and this team has done an immense contribution in graphics and mobile systems with the company
that is a market leader in smartphones. Other founding members Govind Malehithlu ( COO & Head of Biz Dev) , Rakesh Nanda ( Creative Director ) and Palanikumar Thangapandian(Cloud Architect ) had immense contribution and passion towards in our journey so far. They are currently a team of 20 people with expertise in different verticals such as Mobile Software Development & testing, Highly skilled Graphic designers, talented UX/ UI designers, and experienced marketers.

The startup is getting huge interest from all top keyboard companies. They have already signed deals with two of the top keyboard companies of Google play-store for tech integration. Their road-map has some very interesting features. Converting a Selfie Photo to Animated Avatar is currently in R&D. They are going to bring some mind-blowing animations to user text. Lot more features around avatars are in-store, it’s going to be an awesome experience for Xpresso users.

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