Humans have long sought ways to expand the capabilities of the human brain. By bringing together a variety of artificial intelligence (AI), robotics process automation, and emerging capabilities, cognitive automation enables organizations to emulate and enhance the strength of the human mind. One such innovative organisation working tirelessly towards providing cognitive process automation solutions to its customers is Ikarus.

Ikarus Process Automation Private Limited is a Private incorporated on 16 May 2016. It is classified as Non-govt company and is registered at Registrar of Companies, Delhi and is involved in other computer related activities for example maintenance of websites of other firms/ creation of multimedia presentations for other firms etc. using cognitive process automation methodologies.

Headquartered in Newark, Ikarus was founded by Rohit Agrawal in 2016. Ikarus is an AI Tech company working in the domain of enterprise process automation. At Ikarus, the team has developed a machine learning framework which can automate manual processes based on unstructured text data like invoices, contracts, and emails. Their solutions are being used by businesses to save time and costs while improving customer experience.

Founder Ikarus

Rohit is a software engineer with 5 years of industry experience. Currently, he is working on a data solutions startup, Ikarus. He and his team have developed a Robotic Process Automation framework which uses Artificial Intelligence-based virtual agents to perform repetitive rule-based tasks like data entry, report generation etc. This helps businesses in improving accuracy and productivity of their processes while reducing the amount of manual work done. Prior to Ikarus, he has worked as a Backend Developer at Yahoo! and then as a Founding Team Engineer at an E-commerce startup, Limeroad. He has graduated in Computer Science from IIT Delhi.

His team comprises a group of people with a passion for employing technology to change how the world does business. Our experience in different industries and organizations has brought us together to make Machine Learning powered tools that streamline processes and exponentially increase productivity. Their main USP being Cognitive Process Automation Solutions.

We would like to see what future has in hold for this innovative startup which aims at expanding horizons of the human brain.

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