Finance is very important for all that can be bought with money and for having a continuous flow of money whenever you require, it is very important to have a good backup to rely on. One startup that is continuously working towards this is Rubique.

Founder Rubique

Rubique has been growing consistently & emerging as one of leading fintech marketplace platform for loans & credit cards. With advanced technologies like matchmaking algorithm, data analytics, APIs , we have made loan processing workflow simple & smooth for you. Going beyond mere lead generation, we focus on end to end fulfillment support by being with you till disbursement of your loan requirement.

A Rubik’s cube has more than 43 million billion configurations but only one solution. Rubique (Rubik + Unique) aims to mine every possibilty to offer a unique solution to our customers’ complex financing problems through advanced technologies and data science.

Founded by Manav Jeet in 2014, Rubik is based out of Mumbai. Started in 2014, Rubique has emerged to be India’s one of the largest financial portals, offering a comprehensive range of financial products and services from multiple Banks & FIs, through a cutting-edge technology. Manav Jeet started his professional career with Xerox followed by several strategic leadership positions in prestigious corporate organizations like Citibank India, SBI Mutual Fund, HDFC Bank, Reliance Consumer Finance, Reliance Broadcast Network Ltd and YES Bank. In his career, he has handled various types of products ranging from retail & MSME loans, mutual funds, microfinance, to unsecured business lending. Manav has also played an instrumental role in setting up businesses before launching his first entrepreneurial venture, (now Rubique) along with his partner Mr. Sandeep Nambiar on October 2014. He conceptualized the online financial platform with a vision to bring transparency and to make finance simple & accessible through technology and create disruption in the online lending domain. A professional with a distinguished reputation of being the driving force, Manav Jeet has a proven strategic track record in operational efficiencies, business development, sales productivity, managing large teams & financial management. With his expertise, he has taken the company from being just a competitor to web aggregators getting instant approval to going beyond web aggregation and emerging as one of the very few players in the FinTech disrupting lending space, in just one year of its existence.

Rubique has been disrupting the traditional lending process through digitizing the financial sector. Its revolutionary approach integrates tech-driven paradigm shifts into the conventional financial assessment systems, providing the best KYC, credit bureau integration, banking analysis, and enhanced logic through its proprietary matchmaking algorithms and use of new data science methodologies.

Rubique’s unique Online PLUS model comes with paperless-focused features that transform the loan approval and processing – through e-KYC, ranking analysis, and real-time status tracking – into an optimized and efficient system taking up minimal time and greatly increasing accuracy. Rubique’s SPOT, an internal data platform run by Rubique covers the entire consumer journey from lead generation to disbursement for all types of loans and credit cards. Rubique also deploys Rubot, an AI decision engine powered bot that eases the transaction experience by using customer data to match the customer’s financial requirements with the products hosted on the platform. Equipped with these radical technologies, Rubique offers a wide range of loan products and end-to-end loan fulfilment to individuals and MSMEs. The company’s proprietary matchmaking algorithm enables consumers to get the best deal in the quickest possible time while lowering the cost of customer acquisition for the financial institution. Through the deployment of these tech-driven solutions and the access to the products hosted on the platform, Rubique will digitize and optimize the Indian financial sector.

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