With the immense growth of consumer market in the country the other thing that has become a menace is counterfeiting. As per research every fifth FMCG product in India is either fake or smuggled. Thus posing a great risk to the consumer both monetarily and mentally. One startup that has made it their core business to curb counterfeiting is KnowFakes.

KnowFakes is all about countering the counterfeits. Their solution platform is integrated over multiple interfaces of website, mobile app and SMS interface. It helps both manufacturers and end-consumers. Using KnowFakes solution a manufacturer can eliminate bad products from the market in improving their revenues share and business image. For later It helps stop the consumption of spurious products. Adding the bit of technology to fight it by making processes and awareness strong.

Founder KnowFakes

Founded by Rahul Agarwal and Raman Kalia in the year 2016, KnowFakes is based out of Delhi. Rahul has   20+ years of experience in implementation of different technologies, Sales and channel partner management in the field of ERP. Makes immense contribution in envisaging and developing capabilities of track n’ trace for Supply Chain Management of a company. Raman has lead technology teams of large domestic and International BPOs. His last assignment was with HCL, where he deployed and managed the logistic track of Aadhaar (UIDAI) project. He gives solution for customer and consumer touch points management.

KnowFakes app lets you identify the genuineness of a product on the go. To verify, simply enter or scan the KnowFakes code on a product that is registered with us. Different manufacturers have come on-board with KnowFakes to enable this verification for you. This wonder app is a single solution that serves anti-counterfeiting, customer loyalty generation and monitoring, forensic and Business Intelligence (BI) to a company selling consumer products. It is proactive approach which relies on modern technologies to take real time decisions and break the counterfeit business model. No special skills or training are required for utilization and the method is as easy as sending an SMS or browsing a website or calling a phone number. KnowFakes connects all the missing links between a company or a brand to its customers.

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