eCommerce has become an integral part of our lives today. But what keeps an ecommerce company alive is proper marketing. And one startup that is the doing a great job being the ultimate eCommerce omnichannel marketing cloud is MarketingLeo.

MarketingLeo is the smartest B2B and eCommerce omnichannel marketing cloud for all your modern marketing needs. It is an advanced marketing cloud that helps businesses to engage more customers and boost their sales. Take customer engagement to a whole new level with MarketingLeo, the world’s first B2B omnichannel marketing automation cloud. MarketingLeo is an Omnichannel Marketing Automation platform which can be used for both Website as well as Mobile Apps. Thus helping businesses to engage more customers and boost their sales.

Founder MarketingLeo

Founded by Sourabh Mathur in the year 2017, MarketingLeo is based out of Bangalore. Sourabh Mathur created MarketingLeo for smart marketers. MarketingLeo enables marketers to create and manage marketing assets, run and manage marketing campaigns, track and monitor prospects across marketing channels and devices, serve relevant content/offers and present a 360° unified view of Marketing.

He also founded Esanosys with a mission to drive adoption of marketing automation through an interesting mix of product-service offering to large enterprises and growth stage B2B and B2C companies. Esanosys solves the modern marketers’ dilemma of identifying the right MarTech stack for their organizations.

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